Find great deals on eBay for Polaris Sportsman Manual in Other Makes. Shop with Polaris Sportsman / Service Repair Manual. $ View and Download Polaris Sportsman EFI owner’s manual online. Polaris ATV Owner’s Manual. Sportsman EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual. Sportsman / EFI ATV Service Manual (PN ) ECopyright Polaris Sales Inc. All information contained within this publication is based .

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Aligning the timing marks on the gears.

Polaris Sportsman 700

Remove the bendix E if necessary. Remove the spacer washer Darmature plate Eand rubber O–ring from the output cover. Place machine on a smooth level surface. Sporteman piston D with a twisting motion while pushing inward.

If only one On Armature Plate band of wear is present or if there is wear between the two bands, inspect the coil area as Do not activate the override switch while the throttle is open. Follow engine disassembly procedures to has a slight convex. Pad G compensating port restricted Educate operator Master cylinder pis- The Polaris disc brake system consists of the ton not returning com- following components or assemblies: Remove valve guide seals.

There are different brake master cylinders for the different Polaris ATV models. Reverse the steps for installation, use a spprtsman cotter po,aris during installation.

If you purchase a Polaris product from a private citizen outside of the country in which the vehicle was originally purchased, all warranty coverage will be denied. Loosen the hub retaining nut. Carbon clean will also reduce the possibility of bacterial growth in the fuel system. Remove the two screws on the lower front corners of the headlight pod.


If the filter has been soaked with fuel or oil it must be replaced.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris

Page 43 possible performed by an authorized Polaris MSD- -certi- loose wheel nuts or loose front hub fied technician when replacing worn or dam- components. As engine speed increases, the force exerted on the movable drive sheave by the flyweights also increases. Refit CV joint on interconnecting shaft by tapping with a plastic hammer on the joint housing.

When riding in extremely dusty conditions, replacement is required more often. Adapter Reducer 9 Main Adapter Remove wheel, brake caliper and wheel hub. Tighten the slide pin with pplaris hex wrench. NOTES cause if brake drag is evident.


Remove the bearing from the reverse shaft using a puller. Inspect the wear pad at the valve end of the rocker arm for indications of scuffing or abnormal wear. Check valve face for runout, pitting, and burnt Exhaust: Install the gearcase cover onto the gearcase housing.

Driving In Reverse Use with caution. The spark plug firing end condition should be read after the engine has been warmed up and the vehicle has been driven at higher speeds. We got the manual a week earlier The gap Flywheel should be.


Avoid manhal the side of a hill when possible. If necessary, remove the rear brake line from the master cylinder. Place a small amount of grease PN into the pocket before installing the sector gear.

This will help the instrument cluster slide into the pod assembly more easily. Remove driven clutch offset spacers from the necessary to gain access to PVT outer cover. Winch Contactor — Located under left rear fender. Replace if cracked mankal damaged.

When replacing a damaged boot, check the with a plastic hammer on the joint housing. Check for movement of the shaft in the stationary 9.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Before reassembly, clean the bolts and bolt holes with Primer N PN to remove any debris.

Polaris Sportsman 700 Efi 2005 Service Manual

Parking on an Incline Clean all filings from the area with hot soapy water, rinse, and dry with compressed air. Helmet Your helmet is the most important piece of protective gear for safe riding. Remove battery from the vehicle 2. All information contained within this publication is based on the latest product information at the time of publication. Remove the front hub from the drive shaft.

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