I will order replacement transistors for all but only replace those that need The 2SC’s are used in both the pre-amp and main amp, if that. Hi All, total noob here but wanted to confirm something before I actually start replacing these transistors on my Akai GXd. Local electronic. 2SC, NPN 2SC, 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor, buy 2SC

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2SC Transistor NPN 30V A TO 2SCC

All rights reserved, no use of any element incorporated into this site without express written permission. In all my replacements, I have not had any rejections. Would like to know for sure if the newer versions should be replaced just because of early samples having isssues. Not the same gear you’re working on, but the thread is here. That means that if you had five transistors, each from a different group, you would be able to replace anything you come across.

But for general repairs and something that is for background listening the is fine. For example Saul Marantz loved to take advantage of semiconductor characteristics and would supply characterized devices as replacements. It is the geometry of the die that determines what is the emitter and what is the collector. I don’t know why they called the 2SC a low noise transistor since the noise contour map of the 2SC shows that it is much noisier than many transistors.


With all the information available via the interweb, I’ve rarely run into a situation in which I couldn’t find a reasonable sub from a higher-quality maker.

I bought it at MCM I think. There are some things that are a little bit more difficult.

Substitute for 2SC458?

In the OP’s case, the will be the ideal part. It is not that hard.

They told me that the are not longer available and that a good replacement is the japanese 2sc Replace it with a 2sc or 2sc Ok so I just got trasistor KSC transistors in and according to the data sheet they are ECB from left to right with the flat part facing you.

And they are pricey. Is there a particular transiistor of this transistor that is reliable, or are they just all bad and best to get rid of whenever found? Reel To Reel All discussions pertaining to reel to reel decks.

Are there any good versions of the 2SC458?

Duel infamous phonto cables. Share This Page Tweet. You may find this thread helpful: I mentioned that replacement in the 2sx458 response. Also I don’t think I will replace those 15 pcs of 2SCs in the tuner. Yes they are the same. The replacement will need to mechanically fit and will therefore be about the right size suggesting its power dissipation capabilities.

In my quest to fix my x, I am replacing the 2SCs. I replaced the C with BC Of course, one can buy modern s that don’t degrade like the old ones, but they’re expensive in comparison. Don’t worry, virtually every transistors are better than the 2SC If they don’t give trouble, eventually they will.


Karl vd BergApr 19, There used to be the “U” version, with a higher hFE, but I don’t think Fairchild is making it any longer. KentTeffetellerJul 16, Guys, I have a whole forest of them on my tuner board: But, most importantly, general purpose applications are the most common. We don’t use NTEs under any circumstances except absolutely nothing else available and the thing needing replacement is on fire. Skywavebe Skywave Tape Deck Repair. Uncategorized Help and Do It Yourself.

DetailmanJan 1, The time now is Do 2ssc458 already have an account? Those who have studied EE can easily resolve this problem in that the parameter of transistors is part of the course usually. It had different mounting but finding TO transistors these days might be more transostor than it is worth. Ah, I see you are not saying that. I think it’s the highest currently being made.

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Log in or Sign up. Page 1 of 2. TR14,15 and 16 are the right hand channel designations for the above.

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