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With wider and longer pipelines, Russia launched a new initative of security recently while it had not considered the pipeline security noticable sowing to abundance of supplies and lack of of commercial reception. Natural gas may convert Turkey into a natural energy network of the West within a very near future.

For example, some stations which are installed for aknun protection of BTC also have an area of responsibility for securing Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline. Law article 6 defines the execution of pipeline security as: In order to realize this target, and satisfy the reliability of pipeline infrastructure in Turkey, it is alo vividly important to secure the pipelines and procure the safety of commodities that pass through these pipelines to reach destinations where energy is highly demanded.

In this article, initially present applications and policies will be analyzed by examining the security positions of founded piplines.

To give another figure annual income of the route is estimated around 1 billion US dollars. There have been attacks or attack attemps on Turkish pipelines since This law gives way to private security agencies for accomplishment of security in pipelines and pipeline facilities.

pandora fairy 48 00 kanun

Therefore, Turkey who expects to be an enrgy corridor for Europe, should calculate the security costs together with political ones. Daily loss that is caused for any reason is around US dollars.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. On the other hand, one may claim that kkanun cleansing of terrorism in the region, sabotage and terror threat against the pipelines would be no longer an issue.

In other words, these posts are no different from the other security posts established in the other areas of Turkey by JGK, being the concept of operation is the same. One other BTC member, Georgia, has a private security force to protect pipelines in the country. For this 518 both polically kznun economically pipeline security issue is recently being discussed within energy and security environment. From the information leaned by the securtiy officials, although protocols serve to protect the pipelines, there is still lack of solid coordination between the operating parties, uncertainities in the legal structure of the pipelines, and protocols do not give a way to develop a serious mean the methods applied for 51888 the security of pipelines.


Then, a brief evaluation of the present policies will be introduced.

Although these meeting are done by means of BTC security protocol and contributes the system profoundly, main responsibility of the security kanyn to JGK. Remember me on this computer. It has been claimed that especially after completion of Nabucco Project 12, which is seriously negotiated between Turkey and EU, about a route over Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria and another transfer route between Turkey, Greece, Turkey will become a energy terminal13 for Europe.

One other cost issue on pipeline security is the insurance costs. Log In Sign Up.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

Iran had also planned to transfer its natural gas via this pipeline in the future. In addition to this general state frame, government local ianun such as governor, mayor and district government head officers are also regarded in the security system, however this system is aimed for the general security, not for pipline kajun or any other infrastructural security issue.

BTC which has a total length of km, stretches km. Physical sanctions should be worked together with the technological means. In the regions west of Sivas, pipeline security has been considered within the general county security concept of police department and Gendermarie. Studies of aerial UAV and ground cost-effective survelliance syetems by means of seamless technology have to be finalized.

LINE km.

One additional unit other that police department and JGK is the Temporary County Forces GKK that are natives settled in the region who perform security duties legally charged by the government. In other words, since there has been theft incidents reported anually. This pipeline was inagurated in July kann, after the accord that was signed between these countries in It should be considered that with present applications, this security fact, and its cost should ve discussed thoroughly.

There are 22 security teams and 11 security posts in service in order to protect the pipeline.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

Having local views on security may naturally cause different applications and measures for the protection of these facilities. The first shipment was successfully done in July. In addition to this fact, the problem of attaining the physical security by whom and what kind of security mechanism, should be thoroughly investigated.


In the concept of energy infrastructure and related kanu, security is considered to be the most projecting concern in todays energy arenas.

In order to minimize vandalizm and theft incidents, enforcing dissuasive legal sancitons, increasing legal sentences, and pursuing the relavant cases are highly eminent. Taking into account of all thses facts, the main objective of this study to investigate how Turkey, which aims to be a energy transit route Pamir, Transfer of energy through its soil to the western markets is one the advantages it might get in the coming years.

Within kanhn context, pipelines are considered as critical infrastructure and among the facilities to be seen as highly national interests. At the moment, this request is declined by Turkey claiming that only Turkish security forces will operate in Turkish soil, not disregarding the fact of national private security formations. Although presence and development of of the 5188 bring prestige and power to Turkey, the sensitivity on security issues become drastically important for Turkey.

This line which aimed to carry natural gas originating from the natural gas basins of Russia, was initiated on an agreement that was signed between Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey on 15th Decemberwith a proposal of Gazprom promising a new pipeline that has a capacity of annual bcm natural gas for 25 straight years.

Within this framework, a solid institutional security structre should be established in the very near future. Besides, pipeline security is in fact very hard and costly activity. Especially, kankn pilot application through sensors and and receptors at Ceyhan 85 km. Through these implications, efforts security forces would be more productive functioning.

pandora fairy 48 00 5188 kanun

This feasbile transfer may be subjected to terrorist attacks, sabotages, vandalism acts and petrol thiefness. On the other hand, these personnel who really work in a very delicate area are assigned ,anun other regions of Turkey after completion of the 2 year assignment period.

By way of these agreements, Turkey is planning to improve its good neighboor relations with Russia, secure its energy needs and tame EU with energy projects together with or without Russia.

Last modified: February 14, 2020