Digitised version of Adat Bidayuh , as codified by the Majilis Adat Istriadat. Agustus Sapen, Di Entika, Mohammad Sulaiman and 2 others like this. Comments. Other Albums. Sarawak History Initiative Trust’s photo. ‘In a letter to the. Adat Bidayuh Order Front Cover. Sarawak. 0 Reviewshttps://books. ?id=bSgUnQAACAAJ.

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With regards to enforcement of fines, sections 17 1 and 18 1 of the Native Courts Ordinance, empowers a Native Court to order payment of penalty or compensation and in default, to commit the offender bidxyuh imprisonment.

Apart from the Adat Bidayuh, an application for maintenance can also be made in the civil court under the Married Women and Children Maintenance Act, Act Bati also pointed out that Mais was working with other government departments like Land and Survey Department, National Registration Department and Immigration Department to rectify problems faced by the community.

Using another person’s bomebold property pingabah. According to the customs of the Bidayuh, the dead shall be buried at a bidyuh cemetery. E’Dteting anotber person’s romin or bori piluwa’. Many of the adat compiled by AJ. Damaging anotber person’s fish pond biurah. The Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak is hereby authorised to prepare and publish the translation of the authorised English version of the Adat Bidayuh dialects or in Bahasa Malaysia hereinafter referred to as “the authorised translation” and such authorised translation may also be used and referred to:.

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Adat Bidayuh – Free Download PDF

Driving away any member of the bolang romin. This is to avoid duplication of action and to ensure that no person shall be punished twice under different laws for the same offence or breach of the adat.

Chapter V deals with customs relating to property: These Testimonials are only proofs of marriage and divorce respectively.

Destroying another person’s fence pingasuo. Marriage between persons within the prohibited degrees of relationship, and incest or gross indecency are serious offences affecting the Bidayuh community. However, if t8e person presiding in a Native Court is not a Magistrate, and the offender refuses to pay any penalty imposed by such court, section 18 2 provides that- the person presiding in that Native Court shall report the matter to a Magistril’te who shall have the power to enforce the decision of the said Native Court.


Please help us to share our service with your friends. The adat spells out the concept of mowah, its meaning and purpose. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Terminologies from the different groups of Bidayuh have been collected and identified. Marriage between persons within certain prohibited degrees of aadt is permitted only after undergoing the ritual of nai raban.

There shall be three uni of measurement as follows: Under the Adat, the practice of providing prosis immediately after the event is not an admission of guilt on the part of the person concerned. In the event that the adoption is annulled. We need your help! Any breach of the customs may threaten individual relationship and the spiritual well-being of the community, such as the health and material prosperity of the people.

Ground for divorce and provisions for child maintenance have bisayuh revised and updated to meet the trend of modem social development. Failing to participate in a kiroja lirukum. What do you think of this story? Proper conduct in accordance with the adat is believed to maintain the community in a state of balance or ritual well-being with the bidayyh and spirits.

Size px x x x x Tbere is no element of punishment in takud. People who commit incest are prohibited from marrying each other. Under the Adat Bidayuh, it is important to distinguish between offences against the rules of social behavior and breaches ainst customs and taboos.

Therefore, cues involving such customs can still be initiated in any Native Court by 199 interested party and the court may impose such penalty or award compensation as it may consider reasonable bidauh the circumstances.

Government Printer or other printer to print copies of the Adat Bidayuh. However, it is to be remembered that adaat person can only seek maintenance in the civil court axat the same subject matter has not been dealt with by the Native Court. It is an established law that whenever any act or omission constitutes an offence under two or more Otten laws, the offender shall be liable to prosecution and punishment under one of any such laws, but shall not be liable to prosecution and punishment under another law for the same offence.


Authorised version of Adat Bidayuh.

Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak revamping Adat Bidayuh 1994

Disturbing the site for bolang biddayuh pinyabul. The various sections of the Adat Bidayuh have been arranged in a proper sequence for ease of reference. Section 19 b of the Native Courts Ordinance,empowers a Native Court to direct payment of penalty or such part thereof to the aggrieved party. Under the Bidayuh custom, an adopted child has the same position. Incest is an offence punishable with secular fine, takud and prosis for a ritual cleansing.

Thank you for interesting in our services. Setting fisbing apparatus in a river already reserved lUUIdung. bifayuh

Native Courts System

The rationale behind it is that, if during the period of the court proceedings or delay in such proceedings, someone in the community suddenly falls sick or die, the offender shall be liable, under the adat, to additional takud and prosis. We need your help to maintenance this website.

Failing to erect the posts buruh pudo’. All secular fines shall be paid to the Government All takud shall go to the aggrieved party and prosis to the community, unless otherwise stated. Causing obstruction to bolang romin ngampung nasip. Meanwhile, Bidayuh Temenggong for Kuching Ibdayuh Austin Dimin Niyon said it would be good for church leaders to work closely with village chiefs in explaining and addressing social issues affecting the community.

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