‘n Ster-aanbieding van plus. Meer as ‘n halwe duisend. Afrikaanse idiome met hul verklarings. Klik op skakel vir die afdeling van jou. Jul 29, Explore Christa-ann de Clercq’s board “Afrikaans Idiome” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Afrikaans language, Idioms and Sayings. Get this from a library! Afrikaanse idiome, spreekwoorde en segswyse. [P I Hoogenhout; J J A Schoeman].

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From these usability idlome it was clear that most participants struggled to filter data on a page by using the advanced display options. Subjects Afrikaans language — Idioms.

Participants are encouraged to articulate their thoughts whilst performing the tasks to give the researchers insight into their actions Shneiderman and Plaisant Another participant redid the search in task 12 and saved the selection a second time and noticed that the system does not validate the names of the saved selection as s he had used the same name in both instances.

Lexicography in the Information Age. One method that is often used in usability testing is the think-aloud method. Even if usability evaluation and proper design can produce e-dictionaries that are easy to use, the value of education and training should not be underestimated.

At various points during the usability evaluation different participants had commented that they had expected or would have liked to see more data. Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics. Strategies of Effective HumanComputer Interaction. The evaluation of a final product could consider using more participants. There are 15 fields for each expression in the database and different fields are presented in each dictionary.

In this task the participants had to determine what the word loep “lens” means and all the participants referred to the image included in the article to answer the question.

Jou pen in gal arikaanse — uiters bitsig skryf. The researchers therefore recommend that lexicographers should not hesitate to include more data in e-dictionaries.


Goedkoop is duurkoop — goedkoop artikels se gehalte is gewoonlik so swak dat jy gou weer nuwes sal moet aanskaf en gevolglik meer sal moet betaal. The writing and editorial style used in an e-dictionary can help a user to make sense of the data in the e-dictionary, particularly when words are not abbreviated. Tasks were designed to test the use of the advanced search features see Afrrikaanse 4.

There were also various suggestions that the results should give a little more data. Proceedings of BobcatsssJanuaryTampere, Finland: The participants themselves indicated that they could find data easily, but felt adrikaanse they had to scroll too much or click through too many levels. Met die helm gebore wees — gebore wees met die veronderstelde gawe om vooruit te sien wat in die toekoms gaan gebeur.

It is therefore still an open question as to what extent the functionality of an e-dictionary can be tested without taking visual design into consideration. The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography.

Afrikaanse idiome, spreekwoorde en segswyse

There were two incidents in tasks before task 16, where participants did not know how idioe proceed and consulted the ‘help’ for guidance. Die eeu van die masjien, die atoom, kernkrag, die ruimtevaart — die tydperk van Uit die blou hemel — onverwags. It can also be useful to display more data with a button or link that opens more data. Most participants also indicated that it is helpful to be able to filter data on a page.

A Usability Evaluation of the Prototype Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek

Elke hart het sy smart — elke mens het sy eie sorge en hartseer. Usability evaluation is the process where data about how users will use or do use a product are gathered and whether it is suitable and acceptable to users Preece, Rogers and Sharp This dictionary is based on the function theory of lexicography.

  642-780 MSPVM PDF

In terms of kdiome layout of a page, participants did not have trouble to find the correct data afrikawnse the article and most indicated in the questionnaire that the data in afrikaansf article are clearly organised.

Discount usability is an approach where simplified methods are used to evaluate a product Nielsen When looking at the level of detail and complexity of data that an e-dictionary provides, the use of external sources to provide more data to a user is evaluated.

After completing the tasks, each participant was asked to complete a questionnaire with 35 questions, including both open- and close-ended questions. One participant specifically expressed that the perfect amount of data was given, whereas others expressed disappointment that not more data were given. If the Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek is modified according the suggestions in this article, further usability tests can be done to see if it can be used more effi-ciently to get only relevant information for a specific situation.

Sy hande staan vir niks verkeerd nie — hy is so vaardig met sy hande dat hy alle soorte handewerk kan doen. This could refer to the use of functions that filter pre-selected fields or to the advanced search options where display fields can be selected see Figure 4. This means that if a user retrieves more than one result, open one and go back to view the other, s he has to redo the search. Vol fiemies wees — vol aanstellings of grille wees; oordrewe kieskeurig wees.

Dit hotagter kry — swaar kry. Preview this item Preview this item.

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