After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. Giles MacDonogh, Author. Basic $32 (p) ISBN After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. By Giles MacDonogh. New York: Basic Books, ISBN Maps. Photographs. In After the Reich,Giles MacDonogh has written a comprehensive history of Germany and Austria in the postwar period, drawing on a vast array of contemporary.

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The destructive forces that are being unleashed leave little standing in their way. Dec 29, Ian rated it liked it.

Aug 05, Sheridan rated it it was ok. One of the endorsements on the cover calls this book “courageous. My quibble with the author I am not justifying the atrocities from the Allied forces is that he spends a lot of time waving his finger at the events of the conquerors.

It’s a very interesting read to know that war only brings misery, death, destruction, occupation and struggle for decades to come. Gles to main content. MacDonogh on both an individual and national level in a clear, concise style that is impassioned, dispassionate, and erich, all at the same time. Certainly the refugee or ‘displaced persons’ problem lasted for long after the war ended.

Tbe surprised me was the amount of sympathy the writers factual statements evoked in my for the ‘dreaded’ Germans. It took me almost 6 months to finish this book. A nation in tatters, in many places literally flattened by bombs, was suddenly subjected to brutal occupation by vengeful victors.


After The Reich – The Brutal History Of The Allied Occupation

For all this, though, there were many new pieces of information that I learned from the book. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I am glad I read it however, I was hoping for some new information to be presented to open up new discussion about post war Germany’s politics.

Feb 09, Ajda rated it it was amazing. They certainly don’t teach this in schools As a far better alternative, I found Keith Lowe’s outstanding history, Savage Continent, about the same period, to be a much better book, truly an eye-opening read, which I would recommend far more than MacDonogh’s book.

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You are here Home. Apr 11, Henriette rated it really liked it. Dec 25, Ushan rated it liked it Shelves: War is a disgusting affair anyway, but to have it recounted that the aggressor as loser does not escape the humiliation as meted out to other.

Books by Giles MacDonogh.

Project MUSE – After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation (review)

There is also one reference to ‘Magna Charta’. View Full Version of PW.

Instead, it focused almost entirely on the mid- to late s – from the last part of the war through the occupation, and ending with the creation of the two-nation Germany. Oh this is just a cold war, you say? I wanted to like this book by Giles MacDonogh more than I actually did.


At times, MacDonogh relies to heavily on these personal accounts but I suspect that his intent was to give the average citizen caught up in the aftermath and acts of retaliation and revenge a face. The author does deal at times at length with the experiences of various former German nobility.

If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. I always have niggling doubts when finding things like this in histories as to what reifh ther might be that I don’t know about. Obviously, none of the allies could agree what to do to restore calm and the bickering about which piece of Germany each country was entitled to turned into a bit of a comedy reidh.

After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. While most mistakes are minor and merely annoying, some misspellings convey a [End Page ] meaning entirely different than intended. Recih 14, Bill Petersen rated it liked it.

By the end of the year, Germany was literally starving to death.

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