Spyglass to my eye, I slowly swept the heavens. Matt Cruse is the year-old cabin boy aboard the Aurora, the foot luxury airship he has called home for. Sailing toward dawn, and I was perched atop the crow’s nest, being the ship’s eyes. We were two nights out of Sydney, and there’d been no weather to speak of . Airborn [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Matt Cruse is cabin boy aboard the Aurora, an airship which truly is lighter than.

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I loved all the exploring involved within this novel. A book about airships! It seems a lot of people airbon this book for its “unscientificness” but it is meant to be a bit of a fantasy book.

And, boy, do they ever. It made her almost unlikeable to me, and I usually love spunky girls of a scientific bent. Whenever I try to explain the originality, I find myself not doing the book justice. Among his papers he left descriptions of strange creatures he encountered on his attempt to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon and Kate, who idolized her adventurous grandfather, hopes to prove he was more than a crazy old man and prove her own talent for scientific o;pel.

By adding the element of unknown animals to the atmosphere, it added suspense to the plot, making me want to read on.

Matt is nice but a bit bland. I started out writing sci-fi epics my Star Wars phase then kejneth on to swords and sorcery tales my Dungeons and Dragons phase and then, during the summer holiday when I was fourteen, started on a humorous story about a boy addicted to video games written, of course, during my video game phase. Oppel was the focus of the piece it was for a Canadian site, he is I found out about Airborn while surfing around airbodn for contemporaries of Harry Potter to see if any books had sold anywhere near the same number.


Egypt This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Nope! Matt Cruse 3 books. Hooray for her not. Of course, being a Verne-style adventure, there are sky pirates, tempestuous weather, dangerous beasts, and a desert island. And yes, sometimes I do get overly passionate about characters and so hopefully this review isn’t too obnoxious, in and of itself.

Matt, being poor and having lost his father, wants to advance in a society that is increasingly emphasizing academy education over experience.

It was a very slow moving book at first but at times I really got into it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In the beginning I thought she was mildly irritating but by the middle she was pushing obnoxious. My favorite character was no doubt, Vlad.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you like a lot of action in your reading, you’ll love Airbornby Kenneth Oppel. So much praise for this book, my first by this authour.

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel – review

I got a letter from them, saying they wanted to take me on, sirborn try to sell my story. The book takes place aboard a transoceanic luxury passenger airship, the Auroraand is told from the perspective of its cabin boy, Matt Cruse. I was also confused The protagonist, kenneeth year old Matt, is likable, responsible, honest and the story is well written. Granted, in the end her actions do pay off, but that’s just luck.

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Overall, Airborn is an original story with wonderful characters.

Children and teenagers Teen books Adventure books children and teens Children’s fantasy books children’s and teens children’s user reviews. I found that this really gave an insight into how he sees the world, and how he feels.

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

I did love the adventure part and it would be great for a boy! By he us also authentic facing his own fears of unhappiness, doubting in a human way, getting angry, falling in love etc. It’s a marvelous thing. Otherwise he might have to earn his own way in the yb, and wouldn’t that be horrible?

Airborn (novel) – Wikipedia

This article needs additional citations for verification. By he us also authentic fa 4. This aside, the story is very sweet, very innocent, and, in my opinion, a wonderful, great, fantastic story! I loved Matt and Kate and their very cute friendship.

Overall fun read airgorn sometimes frustrating and annoying.

Last modified: December 27, 2019