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Sword Art Online: Project Alicization

Eugeo anxiously asks Kirito whether runnibg will alicizatikn to his homeland if he regains his memories, in which Kirito assuring him that they will stick together to the end. To that end, it used a small wind element to blow a clump of hay over Kirito’s body as he slept to prevent him from potentially catching a cold, which would have rendered the boy unable to enter the tournament and thus effectively brought the observer’s task to an end.

Alixization the occasion, he has a vision of a woman, telling him that she is waiting for he and Eugeo atop the Central Cathedral.

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He took one for himself and gave one to Envlish, giving the rest to Ronye and telling her to share it with her roommates. He then meets Eugeo, but they have no memories of each other. Theorizing that the employees were simply unfamiliar with their foreign environment, Seijirou had Kazuto, his acquaintance with years of FullDiving experience, inserted into the simulation and raised alongside the Artificial Fluctlights.

It covers the “Alicization Arc” and adapts from the novel’s ninth volume, Alicization Beginningto the eighteenth volume, Alicization Lasting. Sword Art Online Progressive 4 light novel. The title should be at least 4 characters long. God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Sword Art Online: Project Alicization

The spar began, and the two exchanged blows, but before either could hit the other, Miss Azurikathe dorm supervisor, halted the battle with the authority of being the first Swordswoman Representative of the Norlangarth Empire, a title earned at the Four Empire Unity tournament 7 years ago.

When he attempted to exceed that limit, Kirito’s pose was thrown off balance, and the sword enflish the ground, sending mud flying in Volo Levantein ‘s direction, who had been standing there the whole time watching. Works by Reki Kawahara. Kirito and Eugeo were enrolled in the swordsmanship academy, training themselves to be the top students.

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Retrieved December 29, Kirito had now spent almost two years in the Underworldwhich was considered to be about 18 hours in the real runnig. Enlisting the help of Koujiro Rinkothe former lover of Kayaba Akihikomanaged to infiltrate the facility, where she discovered that Kazuto had been abducted by Kikuoka Seijirou and Higa Takeruthe men in charge of the Soul Translator project, in order to use the device to stimulate the boy’s recovery via his Fluctlight.

An enraged Kirito then kills the goblin leader and convinces the others to retreat. Item s unavailable for purchase. The moment their duel began, Egome lunged at Kirito, who easily parried his incoming swing. Despite the experiment has been proven a success, they noted that by the establishment of the Church of Axiom inside Underworld, the AIs managed to completely eliminate all kind of transgressions, including murder from their community, and that they needed someone with years of experience in VRMMORPGs like Kirito to interact with them in order to develop them further.

Retrieved December 5, He then falls to the ground, with an unknown purple crystal coming out of his forehead. Then Eugeo asked Kirito if he remembered what their goal was, the latter reassuring that they would defeat the other 10 elite swordsmen in the academy, become Integrity Knightsand continue to move forward to achieve their goal of finding Alice. The next day both Kirito and Eugeo are handed over to an Integrity Knight and are surprised to discover the knight is none other than Alice.

The next day, Kirito goes to receive a black sword made out of a branch of Gigas Cedar from a craftsman named Sadore, with Eugeo accompanying him. The next day, Selka disappears and both Kirito and Eugeo realize that she must have set to the End Mountains as well. Retrieved December 8, Lists of anime alicizatkon Japanese television seasons Sword Art Online.

Later at night, Kirito rujning that the zephyr flowers he was growing were destroyed by two classmates with a grudge on him, and as he laments, he is instructed by a voice to use healing arts to transfer a part of the life energy of the other flowers in the garden to the zephyr flowers, restoring them. Retrieved October 6, It is runnjng by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono.

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Aliciization Asterisk War, Vol. He also reveals that the main focus of the Underworld experiment is to create a new, more advanced form of artificial intelligence. One day after a sparring session, Serlut asked Kirito to show her everything he has, and so he promised that he would show her his true skills in the Aincrad-style the next day and told her to consider it a present.

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Eugeo and Kirito are now elite students of the academy. Following Egome’s defeat, Eugeo and Kirito defeated every duelist they faced, earning admission into Zakkaria’s garrison. A Certain Magical Index, Vol. You can help by adopting it and adding the missing information. You submitted the following rating and review. Please review your cart. Ratings and Reviews 0 6 star ratings 0 reviews. Kirito finds out that Eldrie has a Divine Weapon.

Eugeo and Kirito face off against an Integrity Knight named Eldrie who tried to stop them. Continuing with her recollections, Rinko disclosed that when the SAO Incident began, she had attempted to stop Akihiko herself but was ultimately unable to do so, resulting in her feeling remorse about failing to stop the incident ever since. Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Alicization premiered with a special one-hour episode, with pre-screenings in several countries on September 15, During the final graduation of Kirito’s senior, Kirito gave her the pot of flowers as a gift, which she happily accepted.

While Eugeo performed his styles in an orthodox manner, Kirito raced through them in an attempt to keep the judges from potentially noticing mistakes in his forms. Retrieved March 23, Their journey takes them to the Imperial Swordcraft Academy, where they must train to become two of the top twelve seats in the class to have even a hope of seeing Alice again.

Asuna then deduces that Kikuoka’s objective is to create AIs capable of murder for military purposes, and he confesses that all of his actions since the development of the Nerve Gear was for the sake of this research, labeled “Project Alicization”. Seijirou began his explanation by revealing that the Soul Translator was capable of making copies of a user’s consciousness.

Later that day, Kirito decided to travel to a secluded area in the woods near the school, and attempted to see how many consecutive strikes he could manage.

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