Born in in western Nigeria, Amos Tutuola achieved only a sixth-grade . When Amos Tutuola wrote The Palm-Wine Drinkard, he worked from a firm. Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. The Palm-Wine Drinkard. ISBN Author: Amos Tutuola. Publisher: Faber. Guideline Price: £ Every now and again.

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She could not live with any ghost or other kind of creature because of her ugly appearance. When I tasted them, they were very sour, though I ate them like that as there was no other food or any edible thing drinkadd for me again. Because the war drained British resources, the British government wished to scale back its expenditures overseas, and the notion of self-rule for British colonies gained popularity.

Drinkard uses it to feed the people, who flock to his house from all over. Heaven has stopped the rain to show its anger, and the drought has caused the famine.

Not knowing that this hole was the home of an armless ghost who had been expelled from his town which belonged only to all the armless ghosts. Mice were bigger than pouched rats, and snails were bigger than tortoise in the Forest of Cod. Then I entered his house, I saluted him with respect and he answered me exactly as an earthly person.

In the British military conquered the city of Lagos with the twin goals of dominating the palm-oil trade in the area and putting an end to the slave trade. It was these eyes which were bringing out splashes of fire all the time and were used to bring out fire on the firewood whenever she wanted to cook food and the flash of fire of these eyes was so strong that it would catch the firewood at the same moment like petrol or other inflam- mable spirit or gunpowder, and also use it at night as a flood of light in lighting the srinkard town as electricity lights, so by that, they were not using other lights except the flash fire of her eyes.

Fairy tales can scare, but this is more terrifying than Grimm as its matter is more serious and is believed in by millions of Africans today. Oct 28, Mala rated it really liked it Recommends it for: After that she put water in the bath-room, then Ppalm went to bathe and before I smos she had put down clothes.


The Palm-Wine Drinkard novel by Tutuola. Drinkard does not want to resume the arduous odyssey, but Mother will not let them tarry any longer, nor will she join them. Then I left that area immediately they left me and I started to find the way to my home town.

The Palm-wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town Summary & Study Guide

There was a problem with your submission. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. So at this time I forgot all my sorrow and started to sing the earthly songs which sorrow prevented me from singing about since I entered this bush.

Gala-day under the River heavenly God most and love earthly gods most, anything they wanted to do the chief ancestor would ask me first and if I made a sign with my head which would show him that the request should be done then he would tell the rest that I favoured them to do the requests, but if the sign showed that their requests should not be done then he would tell the rest that the winee are not granted by me, so therefore the requests would be can- celled at the same time.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola

I probably should have taken into account my reaction to Laye’s The Radiance of the King before reading this, but that’s the power of a Goodreads’ reputation for you. He would not tell them the truth that he stole me from the grave and he is going to eat me. The Yoruba numbered more than 20 million at the turn of the 21st century. The Palm-Wine Drinkard draws heavily on traditional folktales, which has been another source of controversy, prompting some to claim that the work plagiarizes the intellectual property of the Yoruba people.

Drinkard, upon returning to his village, returns to social acceptability.

But when my friend and his mother confirmed all that I said and as all the rest of the ghosts are respecting all the burglar-ghosts most because they were supplying them the earthly pro- perties, tutukla they overlooked my offence, then Rev. I could also comment on the novelty of the oral structure, but that smacks too much of the average white person’s reaction to Their Eyes Were Watching God to indulge.


The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town

As he was going hastily zigzag in the bush it was so he was dashing at both trees and hills and always mis- takenly falling into the deep holes, and several times he would jump on thorns unnoticed, but he would not be able to wait and take care of himself, as he was thinking that they were chasing him from the town to paml as a thief.

Combined with the internecine warfare, the sale of the defeated into slavery decimated the Yoruba population, and this decline set the stage for the ascendancy of the British in Yorubaland.

After that I washed away the rotten blood off my body, then I washed the skin of the animal as a cloth, after that I looked round this pond and saw a place where the sun reached the ground, so I went there and spread this skin there to dry, having done that I went to a thick bush which was as a roof, I hid under it and hastily looked at my back, my front, my left and right and also up and down with a doubtful mind perhaps a ghost or a harmful creature might be coming at that time to catch me.

As they were too terrible for me to look at or to stand with, then I was running away for the second time, perhaps I would be safe from them.

Ibadan University Press, But before his partners could reach there I jumped down from the hole to the outside, and without any ado I started to run away that night for my life. This bamboo tumbler was as deep as a glass tumbler, but it could contain the palm-wine which could reach half a bottle. Having reached the town, all the rest of the short ghosts of this town gathered together round this curious animal.

Then the attendants loosened me from the stump, so he mounted me and the two attendants were following him with whips in their hands and flogging me along in the bush.

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