Amreekan Desi, Delhi, India. likes · 11 talking about this. Writer. Satirist. Proud Indian. Author of ‘Amreekandesi – Masters of America’, the. The latest Tweets from Atulya Mahajan (@amreekandesi). Author. Humorist. Lover of Aloo Paranthas. Published in ToI, HT and more. Read my book Democrazy. The latest Tweets from Desi Amreekan (@desiAmreekan). I want to bring America to India!. Always looking for improvement.

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Masters Of America is a story ameeekan two Indian boys with the same dream of making a career in America. With a touch of satire, the story relates how these Indian students meet in the US while they are searching for their fabled American Dream.

The protagonists of this novel are Akhil Arora and Jaspreet Singh, who are fated to become friends in this foreign land. These two characters come from different states in India — one is from Delhi and the other is from Punjab.

Qmreekan Arora is portrayed as a young engineer studying in Delhi craves freedom from his overbearing family and wants to prove to them that he is capable of managing his own life.

Jaspreet Singh comes from a small town in Punjab and calls himself Jassi. He wishes to live the American dream, akin to the movie American Pie. Jassi and Akhil meet in Florida and become roommates. While studying in the States, they take up jobs for survival. They become close friends and share their hopes and dreams with each other. Both of them are on extreme opposites as far as their perspectives are concerned. Akhil, is an ardent patriot and he wishes to return to India after spending a few years abroad.

On the other hand, Jassi does not want to carry on with his Indian identity as it makes him feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Amreekandesi – Masters of America

So, he has a plan to look for an American girl and settle down ameeekan America. Masters Of America the author has included his witty insights and humorous anecdotes. While chronicling the classic experience of an immigrant, the author highlights the identity crises and survival in a foreign place.

He highlights how people change when they live in a foreign land. Atulya Mahajan is an Indian author and is the creator of the Indian satire blog amreekandesi. Professionally a technologist in an investment bank, Atulya Mahajan went to the US in to complete his Master’s degree.


Amreekandesi – Masters of America by Atulya Mahajan

He worked there for five years and then returned to Amreekah. He started his blog while studying in the US and used it as a platform to share his experiences of people living in a foreign land.

Besides this blog, Mahajan also works with the Crest Edition of The Times of India as a columnist and writes occasional humor. A fun and easy to read book which brings a lot of nostalgia – Amreekandesi Masters of America. If you like funny, realistic and light stories for a relaxed day, this is your pick.

Certified BuyerBangalore. Amreekandesi English, Paperback, Mahajan Atulya. Enter email to get notified. Random House, India Genre: AmreekanDesi is the perfect book to read, if you want to a fun and easy to read book. It has some elements which most of us would have seen in our lives – Weird neighbors, Senti mothers, Awkwardness of going to a new country, Road trips and adventures, Standing up to defend your country against foreigners, Fighting to get back your love, and a sweet happy ending.

So there is just too much to relate to and get nostalgic while you enjoy the wittiness and satire the author puts up.

Amit Chhabra 19 May, Simply loved the characters of Akhil and Jassi – so different, yet so similar. Nandita is also cute, though i wondered how such a strong girl could come under family pressure.

The great thing about the book is that it has so many genuine insights about America. For example, we always hear that there are no family values or ‘culture’ in America. Amreekkan is clearly not true. Unfortunately Indian people only seem to be picking up all the bad values from America, while ignoring the good things they d Pooja 18 Jun, This book is a very insightful commentary on how Indian people live their lives in the great Amreeka.

I have been following Atulya’s blog for many years now and love his style of writing. While this book is not his trademark satirical writing style, it still makes for a refreshing, fun account of two desi lads who arrive in America searching for their American dream.

While i don’t want to give away any spoilers, there’s Goyalji loved his characterAkhil’s wacky dad, his drama queen mom, o Kritika Singh 18 Jun, Picked up this amree,an after hearing my friends rave about it.

Boy, am I glad. Its very rare that you come across a book that actually makes you laugh, out loud: My husband actually walked into the room, concerned, when I kept laughing, all by myself, or rather with ‘Masters of America’.


Its amazing how the author has made the every-indian-goes-through-experiences so ,well, funny! Funny I am told is his thing. Must read, if you are a prospective,’FOB’ for tips!

Me Singh 18 Jun, Amreekandesi manages to bring back days you have spent in the US. If you haven’t been able to then you know how exactly it feels out there esp. One of those books which are not easy to put down once you have started if you like humor as a dexi. Now waiting for this to become a movie which I certainly feel it will. A big fan of the author! The style of writing is amazing! Its funny in such a genuine way that you would just have to laugh!

Light read, perfect for a Sunday Afternoon: It captures vesi essence of both sides of the coin ‘Amreekan ‘ amreekqn ‘ desi ‘ so perfectly that you would just want to read on!

Akriti Certified Buyer 17 May, Devika Mahajan 14 May, His sense of humor is obviously judgmental but extremely tacky, worth a follow. He amreekn flawless in exhibiting presence of mind to describe simple everyday parts n parcels of life into a laughter riot. His ability in galvanizing comedy and drama shows his ability to exhibit even minute issues as tremendous funny episodes of life.

The story is a next door comprehension of Indian household and their American Dreams with all puns inte If u ammreekan US of A by only movies and news then this is a must read! It’s characters are like us not the complex and “colors”ful ones with real ways and realistic dreams and thats why are easy to visualize. It’s also motivating at the same time if you are one of those who think a lot before doing something.

Last but not the least a handy zmreekan I picked up this book on a friend’s recommendation. He said that he read it in one go and that it is super funny. After reading the book, i am amazed.

Book reiview of Amreekan Desi: Masters of America

This is a very funny and insightful book. Love the author’s writing style. Hats off on a great effort. Rajat 18 Jun, Have doubts regarding this product? Safe and Secure Payments.

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