Abstract. JARAMILLO JARAMILLO, Daniel Francisco. SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE ANDIC PROPERTIES IN AN HYDROMORPHIC ANDISOL FROM THE. Colombia. Sánchez Espinosa, Jorge Alberto; Rubiano Sanabria, Yolanda. PROCESOS ESPECÍFICOS DE FORMACIÓN EN ANDISOLES, ALFISOLES Y. Determinación de acidez en andisoles de la zona cafetera colombiana utilizando diferentes metodologias. Article (PDF Available) in Acta.

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ANDISOLES by Dayana Escamilla on Prezi

After evaluating the spatial dependence by attribute, the ordinary kriging technique anrisoles implemented Sepaskhah et al. Geostatistical analysis of sorptivity for a soil under tilled and no-tilled conditions. The attribute that showed the least coefficient of determination R 2 was silt, with a value of 0.

In the case of infiltration and hydrophysical attributes, the construction of spatial models permits the planning and localized management of the water in the irrigation processes, according to soil characteristics and andusoles supplies Martins et al.

In sequence, colombis maps offer the possibility of identifying soil sectors where greater or lesser water deficit exists, as a function of the hydrodynamic parameters Bi and S1, with which the conditions of management of the time and water layers application can be optimized, as well as the frequency of irrigation, which can diminish production costs, at the same time as the presence of degrading processes would be diminished, especially the formation of surface run-off, when one decides to supply a uniform irrigation layer.

These authors affirm that this soil shows natural compaction processes of the soil aggregates, which justifies the high values found for the bulk density Bdwhose reported values are less in a study carried out in the rainy season of the same region Jaimes et al.

Root Mass and Aboveground: Contour maps obtained by kriging of basic infiltration Asorptivity Bbulk density Csoil moisture Dand sand Esilt Fand clay G contents. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research. At the same time, characterizing the infiltration process constitutes one of the basic parameters of the adequate design dolombia management of the risk systems in agricultural production.


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Furthermore, the CV is sensitive to sample distance and the number of samples: Wills, Fernando; et al. Methods of soil analysis.

Spatial variability of infiltration and its relationship to some physical properties. Journal of Soil Science Revista Brasileira de Ciencia Do Solo Organic content, even within disturbed sites averages very high which contributes to water retention in the soil.

The use of descriptive statistics allowed colomboa the existence of variability of soil physical attributes, as well as parameters of water infiltration, which in the majority fit distribution andisolws that were modeled using geostatistical techniques, which allowed attributes prediction in non-sampled zones, through interpolation algorithms such as kriging.

This page was last edited on 25 Augustat These results are similar to those reported by Ramirez-Lopez et al. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 8: Geostatistics for environmental scientists.

The basic infiltration Bi and clay content differ from this behavior. Physical and hydraulic characterization of a clay soil at the plot scale. Soil and Tillage Research Identification of agronomic management units based on physical attributes of soil.

Retrieved 2 November Flora includes Azorella pedunculata of the Apiaceae family and species from the AsteraceaeFabaceaeand Ericaceae families. The use of an individual ring is inadequate, especially when the ring diameter is colomia than 15 cm, due to the border effect Tricker, where the lateral flow raises the infiltration rate, which leads to basic infiltration values above the real capacity of the soil and whose result is an inappropriate design of risk systems Reynolds and Elrick, Water Resources Research The maximum distance of the sampling considered for the analysis of the semivariograms was Knowing the spatial variability of the soil permits a better understanding of the complex relationships between its characteristics and environmental factors Goovaerts,and helps in determining specific management practices for its adequate use Plant, An analysis was performed through descriptive statistics taking into consideration all the attributes under study, in order to determine behavior, dispersion, and data distribution tendency, by means of the calculation of mean, median, maximum, minimum, skewness, kurtosis, and coefficient of variation CVincluding the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.


The sill is the value of the semivariance where the model is stabilized copombia shows a constant value. New York Botanical Garden Press.


Results suggest a behavior of parameters close to normal, attributes related to soil water movement had greater variability, with low basic infiltration 1. For the present study, this greater variation can be observed in step 7 Figure 1 Bwhere the Euclidean distance goes from a value of Using the simplified falling head technique to detect temporal changes in field-saturated hydraulic conductivity at the surface of a sandy loam soil. For the use of descriptive statistics in the study of the soil attributes, samples are analyzed to characterize a region, where the number of these is generally low and is conditional upon prior knowledge of the study area or looking for recommendations tolerance given by a confidence limit that is accurate Mallants et al.

Some authors define the constant Ks as an adjustment parameter Lima and Silans, or a factor Machiwal et al. Dendrogram of cluster analysis of soil attributes A and representation of the Euclidean distance variation between attributes B.

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