Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 10 Up—In this action-packed finale to the Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy (Book 3) – Kindle edition by L.A. Weatherly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review. ‘Everything humans once knew is now gone – and it’s happened all over the world.’ XoXo, BOOK. Find out more about “Angel Fever”, write a review or buy online. Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy, Book 3 by L. A. Weatherly, Narrated by Laurel Lefkow.

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The words had barely formed in my mind when a dozens-strong flock soared at us out of nowhere, their pale, glorious figures etched against the stars. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Then I sighed, thinking of the guarded quality that would come over his energy the second he saw me.

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Willow, Alex and the Angel killers must pull out all the string and weave a few new ones to have even a small chance to defeat the powerful angels that have enslaved and are feeding off most of the world’s population. This book went more of the New Moon route, and I understand why. The destruction of half the world was still too much to take in; his mind kept skittering away from the reality of it.

I’m fdver exactly wishing for Seb’s unhappiness, but like I’ve stated before, it just seems too unrealistic. Unless it was the sight of him not wearing them.

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I like the peachy colour they used before!!! EDIT 3, 3rd April This was so heartbreaking and stressful but I loved every minute of it. However, as the story progressed, I also got irritated with him in a way that was once again a fault of how Weatherly purposely made the book flow this way.


The Carrera Crush Club. He does seem to show some kind of longing or nostalgia for Miranda, Willow’s mom, but not enough to make him become one of those bad guys you sort of empathize with. I wielded it expertly, aiming and shooting like a machine as explosions seared overhead: Trivia About Angel Fever Ange That was before I knew we were at war.

I am aware that this review is somewhat out of sync with bh rest of the series, as book one weathery book two aren’t noted on the blog With the return of someone close to Alex, Alex realises that he needs to go on a journey weatheely himself, which brings some life changing events to Willow. Willow will eventually find herself back in Pawtucket as she makes a final stand to save humanity. And is WAY better than the first one. A cold fog of fear had swamped me from out of nowhere, settling icily over my heart.

With exoduses all over the world, the angel killers have no other choice but to recruit. Her books have been translated into many different languages.

Great story, characters and lots of twists! There was a pause as Liz studied me. Apr 04, Miia rated it liked it Shelves: It makes me love it that much more, and that the ending was so perfect.

Cever a bit of deus ex machina and a few convenient occurrences, the saga wraps up in a neat, satisfying manner.

His reply looked teasing; her cheeks tinged pink as she smiled. So stunning I feel like crying tears of joy! I flipped onto my weathetly, quickly tracking the angel.

How many people he cared about had he now lost to the fight with the angels? From Italy, Seb always claimed — and he looked it, with his hazel eyes and loose chestnut curls. The low, worried buzz of voices came from outside.

And people will believe it too, Alex thought. What’s more, I found that I kind of respected Willow in the novel. Jun 07, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: I angep it in a night, and around eleven I was getting sort of tired and loopy and deep.


Thank you, can’t wait for your next story. The contrast with the faded denim made the black top even sexier. To me Angel Burn has held up in my head, but Angel Fire has decreased mainly because I remember the distaste I had while reading the novel and I was not a fan of the points the series chose take.

The others stood stricken and waiting. The girl asleep in his arms had short red-gold hair now; it framed her face in untidy spikes. As this angelic stranglehold tightens, Willow and Alex are recruiting and training new Angel Killer As half-angel Willow strives to save the world from her parasitic otherworldly kin, romance and tension heat up to a climactic finale.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books.

He tells Willow how his father started the camp and how they used to hunt in groups of four, how a hunt could take over a week. Feb 25, Kate Gardner marked it as to-read Shelves: One by one, they dropped off where they sat, until only Alex and Willow were still awake, lying curled up on one of the sofas, holding each other. I mean, it’s also extremely convenient that he falls in love will another girl angsl end the love triangle angst and that that girl also happens to be one of the 12 people who survived the angel attack on the Nevada base.

Seb – I could relate to this character more than the other to, though I’ve never actually experienced anything of what he’s felt. Write your own review.

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