Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

It seems to me that this chart alone is very conclusive evidence that the statements we have quoted in this chapter, as to biologicals causing sntoine tuberculosis and heart disease, are correct. Cagniard de Latour had said that the fermentation of the sugar was an effect of the vegetation of the yeast; Pasteur said of the lactic yeast that “its chemical action is correlative of its development and of its organization”, which, though in other words, is the same thing and may be classed as an explanation by catalytic contact.

The verification of the old hypothesis of atmospheric germs and of the ideas of Cagniard de Latour and of Schwann regarding the nature of beer yeast. It led to the microzymian theory of the living organisation, which has led to the discovery of the true nature of blood by that of its third anatomical element, and, at least, to a rational, natural explanation of the phenomenon called its spontaneous coagulation.

Bechamp denied spontaneous generation, while Pasteur continued to believe it.

The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element by Antoine Bechamp

Developed moulds invert the cane sugar, even when the solution has first been creosoted; that is to say, the creosote which hinders the moulds from being born does not prevent them when born, from acting. Hence he was able to state before the Agricultural Society of Herault the same year that pebrine was a parasitic disease and that thin creosote vapour would prevent the attack of the parasite.

In Microbe Hunters, Paul de Kruif gives a slightly different version of Pasteur’s work on silk worms from that outlined above. In a discussion of spontaneous generation at the Sorbonne during a meeting on November 22,Pasteur had the nerve to claim, in the presence of Professor Bechamp, all credit for the proof that living organisms appeared in a medium devoid of albuminoid matter!

On the other hand, the experiment showed me that in parts subtracted from the living animal, the microzymas being no longer in their normal conditions of existence, produced therein chemical alterations, called fermentations, which inevitably led to tissue disorganizations, to the destruction of the cellules and to the setting free of their microzymas, which then, changing in form and function, could become vibrioniens by evolution,which they did whenever the conditions for this evolution were realized.

The addition of certain salts or of creosote hinders the inversion by preventing the development of the germs, either by rendering the medium sterile or by acting directly upon the former. Many of the “alternative” ideas of medicine and biology that are currently under attack in various parts of the world would have no argument with the views of Bechamp.


Jansen in in Holland, but it was not until about that anything was built of sufficient power to show up bacteria. Furthermore if in the vaccinated cattle an implantation of virulent organisms has taken place, setting up only a benign tuberculosis, tuberculin administered may bring about a violent allergic reaction disseminating the virulent organisms.

And within the limit of my own studies upon the silkworms I distinguished with care the parasitic diseases whereof the agent came from outside, such as the muscardine and the pebine, from constitutional diseases, such as the flacherie, which is microzymian. Are not “persons under 15” the school doctor’s best customers for their so-called biologicals?

Schultze gave the name of plasma to the lymph of Haller, which Muller had called liquor saunguinis. South African Journal of Science. I cannot better make clear my opinion of silk worm disease than by comparing it to the effects of pulmonary phthisis.

That is where science stood in ; seeing in animal membranes and tissues only nitrogenised matter. We are either dealing with tubercle, or we have before us a new and hitherto unknown constitutional disease of the rodentia, consisting of growths which, to the naked eye and in their histology, correspond with all the essential features of tubercle in man; which occur not only in the organs which are the chosen seats of tubercle in man, but also in the same parts of those organs; which have the same vital characters, and the same early degenerative cheesy changes, not suppuration nor acute softening, and with no marked characters sufficient to distinguish them from tubercle.

In Fasting and Man’s Correct Diet, The Tuberculin Test a Fraud out of printImmunity also out of printand Drugless Cures, I give additional evidence that the use of tuberculin was a fraud, utterly useless, and that more recent serums are no better. They are nearly all propagated in animals at present and a substantial percentage of all “passages” seem to cause a change.

Therefore in Bchamp,Bechamp undertook a series of observations on this change, which came to be referred to as his “Beacon Experiment”. Where did the cell come from, the sperm, the egg?

Antoine Béchamp

The history of a discussion wherein chemistry and physiology closely united were interested, which agitated the second half of the century now closing the 19this well adapted to show that human nature has not changed since the time of Cleanthus, and that there always exist persons ready to associate themselves together to contradict or insult the unfortunate wretch who has devised some new theory, based upon unsuspected facts, which would compel them to reform their arguments and abandon their prejudices.

It is interesting to know if the lesson taught by the condemnation of Galileo has been properly learned, and if three centuries later “the righteous severity of the judgement against those who would still resist the power of reason” would be able to protect those who labor disinterestedly for the triumph of the truth, if, in short, those who, for the large public, are as authoritative judges of the value of the discoveries of others, have become less intolerant, or, at least, more impartial, less prompt to pronounce against opinions which they do not share, less anxious to deny facts than to test them.


He named this substance zymase, in a paper Memoirs on Fermentation by Organized Ferments, which he read before the Academy of Science on April 4, It is the astonishment of Pasteur that is astonishing” As Bechamp started with no nitrogen whatever except what was in the air in the first two flasks, it is probably the first time any growth or any kind of organism was proved to have absorbed nitrogen from the air.

However, Pasteur had not yet found the true cause of the trouble. In the next session March 12, Dr Colin charged that Pasteur had suppressed two statements in the printed record that he had made on the floor during the prior session, i.

He says that Koch found and grew different families or varieties of these deadly germs. In he showed that moulds 1 transformed cane sugar into invert sugar glucose in the same manner as does the inverting ferment secreted by beer yeast.

It is true that he had at the same time organized the conspiracy of silence around the works related to the microzymian theory – so thoroughly, that one day, after a discussion during which I had attacked the principles of the microbian doctrines and had defended the microzymian theory, Cornil maintained that the discoveries of Pasteur had been verified in every country and that I was alone against all the would; to which I replied:.

But he is not in any way to be blamed for that, for while Socrates and Rabelais were only looking for truth, Pasteur’s work carried him more and more into the frantic business of saving lives, and in this matter, truth is not of the first importance.

The Encyclopedia Britannica says in the entry on bacteriology: This is the idea that life just comes out of nowhere, that matter organizes itself, takes on or is imbued with the property of life itself. Never was there such a commercial vaccine as this one, and never has there been such a gigantic hoax.

Such a conclusion would be a grave mistake. Roux had the audacity to write that “the medical work of Pasteur began with the study antoone fermentations” Agenda du chimiste for ; this was an absolute untruth, for seven years later M.

In collaboration with A. And I supposed that bechapm was by an agent analogous to diastase and also thanks to the acid formed; but I have since demonstrated that it was indeed chiefly by means of a soluble ferment which they contain and which they secrete. He does conclude that the ferment is a living being, yet states that this “cannot be irrefutably demonstrated”.

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