Editorial Reviews. Review. For anyone interested in Wicca this is the book of choice. It provides Aradia Or The Gospel Of The Witches by [Leland, Charles G. ]. Preface[edit]. If the reader has ever met with the works of the learned folk-lorist G. PitrĂ©, or the articles contributed by “Lady Vere De Vere” to the. Aradia has ratings and 61 reviews. Steve said: In Northern Italy there are vestiges of an ancient faith that maybe still practiced by the common pe.

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Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

The people were not strong enough to fight back so Aradia taught them magic witchcraft and the use of poison to counter the oppression. After translating and editing the material, it took another two years for the book to be published.

So-called ‘eclectic witches’ steal aspects of other religions and mythology. In most cases she comes of a family in which her calling or art has been practised for many generations. The living Venn diagram of demographics for these books would look like this: They leave an offering to Diana of flowers and leaving them by her statue.

In fact he uses gospel in quotes in his intro. The witchcraft of “The Gospel of the Witches” is both a method for casting spells and an anti-hierarchical “counter-religion” to the Catholic church.

According wihches the legends provided in “Aradia”, it would appear that the story line of her birth was probably based upon Roman antiquity, but developed more closely with the rise of Catholicism, and the inquisitions that followed. The Etruscans lived in Tuscany, Italy.

Aradia, or, The Gospel of the witches

The Journal of Pagan Studies. Has some beautiful ideas in it; though it is the gospel of the witches, don’t take everything in it as aradiz. For example take the family that is poor and is in need of money.


aaradia Share your thoughts with other customers. The published version also included footnotes and, in many places, the original Italian that Leland had translated. The result has naturally been the accumulation in such families of much tradition.

Short, somewhat interesting read. Leland had been informed of the Vangelo ‘ s existence inbut it took Maddalena eleven years to provide him with a copy. For a dangerously curious person like me such changes seem like mysteries that can never be unraveled. The Old Religion of Southern Europe.

This one definitely does, probably because it was possibly passed down through an oral tradition. There are also included the very curious incantations or benedictions of the honey, meal, and salt, or cakes of the witch-supper, which is curiously classical, and evidently a relic of the Roman Mysteries. The content, however, is anything but suitable for young readers or anybody who thinks witchcraft is all white light and pretty crystals.

Leland gives an excellent example of how a town dealt with a saint that wasn’t doing its bidding.

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches: Charles Leland: : Books

After comparing them both I found that the translation errors are rather minimal, though there are some instances where it would change the meaning quite a bit, but when I look at what Leland presents and what the modern translator presents I am going to utilize Lelands. The type that has been used throughout history and thro I’ve read alot of folks reviews before reading the book and after reading the work myself it just comes to me that alot of people don’t really “read” it with a view to understand it.

Also one can also look into “Arcana Mundi” by Georg Luck in the introduction and find examples of statues of the gods being whipped in withes to get them to do the bidding of the people.

In fact, the latter all unconsciously actually contributed immensely to the preservation of such lore, since the charm of the forbidden is very great, and witchcraft, like the truffle, grows best and has its raciest flavour when most deeply hidden. The Old Religion of Southern Europe. With it are given the ceremonies and invocations or incantations to be addressed to Diana and Aradia, the exorcism of Cain, and qitches spells of the holy-stone, rue, and verbena, constituting, as the text declares, the regular church-service, so to speak, which is to be chanted oc pronounced at the witch-meetings.


I recommend this for pagans following the Witchcraft path, and I suggest you take it not as “Gospel” aka literalbut as an inspirational text.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It is, at least, historic — and seminal in almost all spooky fiction involving rituals or alchemy. No trivia or quizzes yet. Leland’s random comments about Jews were terrible and dated; his theory that women rise up and re-gain power during times of social upheaval seemed relevant, and intriguing.

Wjtches elder gods created Diana and from her other half came the sun god Lucifer.

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches Index

Witchcraft and the Inquisition in Venice, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the end of Chapter I is the text in which Aradia gives instructions to her followers on how to practice witchcraft.

After the eleven-year search, Leland writes that he was unsurprised by the contents of the Vangelo. Additionally, I worked for a company in this field,and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job.

Nov 12, Eric Willeforde rated it liked it.

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