Sam Labib, MD, (Atlanta, GA) presents a double row insertional repair of the Achilles tendon following a Haglund’s resection using the Arthrex®. The SpeedBridge™ Implant System provides all implants and sutures required to complete a SpeedBridge rotator cuff repair in a single sterile tray that. The FiberTape® Retriever has a wide jaw specifically designed for easy FiberTape management during a SpeedBridge™ or SpeedFix™ procedure. The roller.

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The selection includes a variety of knot pushers and finger protectors. Sam Labib, MD Share. Our goal is to make technically demanding procedures spefd, safer and more reproducible with …. The selection includes a variety of reusable tissue graspers, suture retrievers and crochet hooks that can accommodate various surgical techniques.

Arthrex – SpeedBridge

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Scope This Out Winter – Vol. Joshua Metzl, MD Share. Knotless Suture Anchors The Arthrex knotless anchors provide versatility, speed and security in knotless rotator cuff and instability repair.

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Graspers and Retrievers Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed to simplify suture and tissue management tasks.


The Labral SwiveLock anchor is available for instability repair. Hide Details Hide Speed. The unique implant designs allow for suture tension wrthrex be …. Educational Resources Products Related Science. This 4-anchor construct enables a true knotless repair and a greater area of compression for the Achilles tendon on the calcaneus, improving stability such that immediate postoperative weightbearing and range of motion is possible.

Minor Outlying Islands U. The open ended Suture Cutter was designed for …. It provides maximum pullout and insertion strength while saving ….

SpeedBridge™ Repair

The SR Series Graspers feature a self-releasing lock mechanism that is easily disengaged by simply moving the handles apart. The selection includes a wide variety of antegrade and retrograde instruments that can accommodate various suture passing techniques. A Spred FiberTape Retriever …. Use the checkboxes below to add items. Suture Management Arthrex provides a comprehensive line of reusable and disposable hip-specific suture management instruments to facilitate suture cutting, retrieval, passing and manipulation to be utilized during open and arthroscopic procedures.

Multiple cutters are available with open or closed ends, standard ring or WishBone handles and flush cut or knot-preserving suture …. Series I SR Graspers feature a self-releasing locking speev.

SpeedBridge™ Rotator Cuff Repair

Series I Xpeed Graspers are made with non-ratcheting handles and are non-locking. Rotator Cuff Grasper The Rotator Cuff Grasper features a long shaft and a wide, deep jaw that allows for superior purchase when grasping s;eed during rotator cuff surgery. Knot Tying Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed to simplify the task of tying knots.


Suture Passing Devices Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed to simplify open and arthroscopic suture passing.

You have 0 items in your cart. The blunt tip of the cutter is excellent for knot pushing.

Suture Cutters Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of open and arthroscopic suture cutters designed specifically for use with FiberWire or FiberTape sutures. Hand Instruments Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed for easy handling of all suture arthreex tasks and to provide state-of-the-art quality and durability.

Haglund’s Deformity achilles insertional repair achilles SutureBridge achilles SpeedBridge heel pain.

Our goal is to make technically demanding procedures easier, safer and more …. Both pseed PushLock and the SwiveLock are available in multiple sizes, materials and eyelet configurations to allow for maximum procedure versatility. Get more help on how to request a quote or surgical evaluation. The Arthrex SpeedBridge repair is an innovative soft-tissue fixation device used in the treatment of Achilles injuries. Please try again, or try refreshing the page.

Last modified: November 21, 2020