Los resultados de incidencia de fracturas en la cohorte FRODOS las fracturas humerales proximales y las fracturas de Colles o de antebrazo distal. . de artículos y también el FRAX® se ha incluido en diferentes guías de. Español (pdf) · Articulo en XML; Referencias del artículo; Como citar este artículo . Utilizamos Láser-terapia local () sobre el foco de fractura, en los . Coincidimos con otros autores en que la fractura de Colles, que se. donde dejó artículos y ocho volúmenes sobre radiodiagnóstico y radioterapia, Fractura de Monteggia: fractura de tercio proximal del cúbito con luxación opuesta al desplazamiento dorsal en la más frecuente fractura de Colles; por.

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Controversies in the management of distal radius fractures. The second group includes complex intra-articular fractures in which the articular fragments are displaced, rotated or arrticulos and are not amenable to reduction through a limited operative exposure. The radius initially fails in tension on the volar aspect, with the fracture progressing dorsally where bending forces induce compressive stresses, resulting in dorsal comminution. Age Ageing, 16pp. Handoll HH, Elliott J.


Fisioterapia en fracturas de radio distal: J Bone Joint Surg A85pp. These abovementioned studies focused only on single technique of fixation followed by arthroscopic assessment. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Pain management after injury, immobilization with braces, and various positions and life-saving procedures concerned with fractures as management of shock, hypotension, fat embolism and sympathetic aticulos can be identified early by the physician and he can treat a patient either by himself or can refer to some specialist.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. He can also advise prophylaxis against future injury either at same organ or in different by teaching about use fractuta braces, medications, gait training and minimal intervention procedures as RICE therapy, wax therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices.

It stands at the apex of a pyramid and related with tertiary care centers, apex care centers and government statuary bodies. All of them underwent blockade of the sympathetic cervical and lumbar chain of nodes, depending on the location of the problem.

Cross-education for improving strength and mobility after distal radius fractures: Epidemiology of distal radius fracture and factors predicting risk and prognosis. Cyclic pneumatic soft-tissue compression enhances recovery following fracture of the distal radius: Van der Klift, A. Forearm bone mineral density by age in 7, men and women. It includes proper balanced diet in regular basis according to seasons and social infrastructure.

Clin Biomech Bristol, Avon. Lasertherapy in biorregulation processes. Havemann D, Busse FW. Osteoporosis follow-up after wrist fractures following minor trauma.

To conduct a systematic review of the best available evidence to determine the effect of physiotherapeutic interventions on pain, range of motion, muscle strength and function in people with distal radius fracture. Am J Epidemiol,pp.


Estrogen deficiency causes both type I and type II osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and xe to bone loss in aging men. Many workers have independently reported excellent results with this technique in their series of patients.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

However, the optimal position of hand function is with the wrist in dorsiflexion. Coronal and transaxial CT scanning. J Bone Miner Res, 13pp.

Additional shearing forces influence the injury pattern, resulting in articular surface fractuura. Arthroscopic assessment of intra-articular distal radius fractures after open reduction and internal fixation from a volar approach.

Fractures of Distal Radius: An Overview

Early functional postoperative therapy of distal radius fracture with a dynamic orthosis: Functional bracing in supination. A number of options for treatment are available to prevent the loss of reduction in an unstable fracture of the distal end of the radius. Functional treatment of non-articular fractures of the distal radius. This is not effective for high energy complex fractures or fractures associated with soft tissue problems that preclude the use of plaster cast.

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