Specifies general requirements for cranes as defined in AS Includes the design of cranes by the traditional working stress method and. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Part 1: General requirements. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS . Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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The intersection of both lines indicates the mechanical classification that matches the selected crane classification.

In some hazardous environments, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are required. The maximum rope tension has been established as 79 kN. The 14118.1 of the load that can foreseeably be imposed on each magnet shall not exceed its rated capacity taking account of the rigidity of both the load and the lifting beam.

The drum should be of adequate size to accommodate all the rope in a single layer with not less than one groove unoccupied for each part of rope leaving the drum. Application to specific situations Such circumstances involve considerations of practicability where backup, redundancy, duplication, and the like, would not be possible.

sa On occasions, they are influenced more unfavourably by a different distribution 141.81 the dead load than when operating. The load spectrum factor K m for the mechanism is given by the following equation: Except for automatic brakes, each brake shall have means for maintaining the applied condition other than by continued application of the in service force.

Where the wheel tread is surface-hardened, FpW shall apply to the tensile strength of the material prior to surface hardening.

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Failure to safety has a rational meaning only on the basis that a given possible failure has a 14188.1 probability of occurrence and that such a failure is not tolerable. The rope anchorage shall be located taking into consideration the rope lay and drum rotation.

The design 141.81 the brush contacts shall minimize electrode breakage, which can defeat fail-safe circuitry and render the system of controls unsafe. On each accumulator, the precharge pressure and charging medium shall be permanently and legibly marked.

The nominal load spectrum factor for the crane shall be established by matching the calculated load spectrum factor to the closest higher nominal value of K p in Table 2.


Items a and b shall be of sufficient size to be legible from the working area below the crane to which it is attached, and the other items being marked legibly on a plate or plates permanently fixed to the attachment.

General protection requirements Part 3: Provisions shall be made to prevent occurrence of any fault that may cause injury to persons either directly or indirectly, or cause damage within or outside the crane by inadvertent crane motion with the switch in any position. General requirements for equipment and ancillaries Approval and test specification—Particular requirements transformers and safety isolating transformers Concrete structures Insulators—Porcelain and glass, pin and shackle type—Voltages not exceeding V a.

Accessed by Az AUSTRALIA LIMITED on 06 Jun Where the crane is connected to the supply by flexible cable, the crane shall be connected to earth by means of an earthing conductor enclosed 1481.1 the current-carrying conductors within the same sheathing as the live conductors of the flexible cable, except where the conductors are single-core cables larger than 16 mm 2.

Known as the Australian Dangerous Goods Code www.

The Commonwealth, State and Territory governments may choose to incorporate this Australian Standard into their laws and regulations. In certain systems of this type, it is not possible to determine which is the primary and which is ws secondary system, and the designer and manufacturer should provide full explanatory information to the user so that those responsible have a good understanding of the operation 1418.

service requirements of the total system. In such instances, the location of the isolator shall be indicated by a suitable notice at the usual parking or servicing location of the cranes. Between editions, amendments may be issued. All cables and termination points shall be effectively protected against mechanical damage. As an example for load combination 5, the total load Ptot in a girder will be derived from: The clamps shall be designed to— a prevent 1418.11 of the clip due to longitudinal movement 14418.1 the rail; and NOTE: The notice shall read: For design purposes, Km and the value for running hours shall be that specified in Tables 7.

These standards are developed through an open process of consultation and consensus, in which all interested parties are invited to participate.


Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. Alternatively, the printed Catalogue provides information current at 1 January each year, and the monthly magazine, 14188.1 Global Standard, has a full listing of revisions and amendments published each month. Cable support fittings shall prevent distortion or damage of the cable insulation. Other special profiles are used for particular specialized applications. Where 118.1 properties of any material are in doubt, the material shall be subjected to sufficient testing in order to determine the properties concerned.


Standards Catalogue

The systems listed in Table The designer shall also consider other load combinations not shown in Table 4. Cabin interiors shall be designed so that, when seated, operators are able to conveniently reach all the controls required for normal operation of the crane without subjecting any parts of their bodies to sustained postural stress and without being impeded by fixtures within the cabin.

Guidance should be sought from the following Standards: Forces parallel with runway beams are very small and can be disregarded. Flameproof enclosure d Part 6: The authority of the Committee is limited to matters of interpretations and it will not adjudicate in disputes. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Requirements that apply to more than one type of crane are included in Part 1: It also serves as a framework of reference between the purchasers and the manufacturers, by the use of which a particular crane may be matched to the service for which it is required.

The main isolator may serve as the crane isolator. Materials used in the wiring installation shall comply with Section 3. Selection of such ropes shall be made in accordance with Clause 7. The designer takes the estimated load spectrum and the number of load applications to determine the group class of the crane. Preference should be given to filters offering a visible indication of their operational condition.

Where airconditioning is provided for the control cabin, the method of function and source of supply shall not affect or detract from the correct operation of the crane. Refer to AS The values for the number of operating cycles given in Table 2. The controls should only allow reduced power to be applied when the load is initially lifted.

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