Avigad Vonshak of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba (bgu) with expertise in: Agricultural Plant Science, Genetics and Biotechnology. Read Ajay ni and Avigad Vonshak. 5 Outdoor Mass Production of Spirulina: The Basic Concept. Avigad Vonshak. 6 Tubular Bioreactors. Giuseppe. Avigad Vonshak. Chien, L-F. and Vonshak, A. Enzymatic antioxidant response to low-temperature acclimation in the cyanobacterium Arthrospira.

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In collaboration with other members of the Algal Biotechnology group: My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Avigad Vonshak Director, J.

Recent advances in microalgal biotechnology. It begins with a heading 1 called “Registration Form”. The work so far points vvonshak that our original approach taken some 25 years ago of treating algal growth outdoors in terms of light limitation or a process governed by one main limiting factor was a naive attempt to simplify things.

The following error occurred while submitting the form: Vonshak aviggad known internationally mainly for his contribution to the development of the biotechnology for mass culturing of the blue-green algae cyanobacteria Spirulina under large-scale conditions. In Nitzschia elosterium the con-tent of A large collection of strains collected during the years from all over the world is used in our studies. Photoinhibition in outdoor Spirulina platensis cultures assessed by polyphasic chlorophyll fluorescence transients more.

Light and oxygen stress vonshhak Spirulina platensis cyanobacteria grown outdoors in tubular reactors.

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Enzymatic antioxidant response to low-temperature acclimation in the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis more. Systematics and EcophysioIogy more. Use of chlorophyll fluorescence to estimate the effect of photoinhibition in outdoor cultures ofSpirulina platensis more.


Publications with green marking on the journal name are available as PDF files. In recent years a significant part of the work is dedicated to selection of species Nannochloropsis either from different habitats or after induced random mutations with the attempt to isolate strains of higher vonshai capacity to biotic stress.

Prof. Avigad Vonshak – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Speaker Profile

Radically Rethinking Agriculture for the 21st Century. Photoinhibition in outdoor Spirulina platensis cultures assessed by polyphasic chlorophyll fluorescence transients.

The Ecology of Cyanobacteria. Bioresource Technology His research interests include the study of environmental stress in algae.

Borowitzkaa, MA and Vonshak A. This volume has been translated to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. This form does not collect any actual information. Kinetic response of photosystem II photochemistry in the cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis to high salinity is characterized by two distinct phases. The effect of environmental-conditions on the lipids and fatty acids of algae is not fully understood. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, A. Chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics more. Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering.

Chlorophyll fluorescence applications in microalgal mass cultures.

Spirulina Platensis Arthrospira: Physiology, Cell-Biology And Biotechnology – Google Books

Once adapted to the higher osmoticum, photosynthetic parameters such as the maximum rate of photosynthesis under saturating irradiance Pmax and the The significance of the result in providing a better understanding of the interaction between two environmental stresses — light and salinity — and their application in the outdoor mass cultivation ofSpirulina are discussed. We considered your request as reprint request as is common in the scientific community.


Knowledge of the ecophysiology of Arthrospira, essential for understanding the growth requirements of this alkaliphilic organism in the natural environment, has been used in developing suitable technologies for mass cultivation. Life Science Advances Photosynthetic characteristics of Spirulina platensis on solid support.

Avigad Vonshak

Our svigad point out that in many cases the system is down regulated or even photoinhibited not necessarily because of exposure to high light intensity but rather due to other environmental stress that reduce the photosynthetic activity be it temperature or salinity. Cambridge University Press, This chapter defines the conditions favoring astaxanthin accumulation in H.

Photosynthesis in rice under a salt stress. Production of eicosapentaenoic acid EPA in Monodus subterraneus grown in a helical tubular photobioreactor as affected by cell density and light intensity.

This chapter describes the ecology of Arthrospira, together with morphological and ultrastructural features relevant for supporting the systematic position of this organism.

Use of Spirulina Biomass. Biological constrains in algal biotechnology. Production of Spirulina biomass:

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