Category Theory has 59 ratings and 3 reviews. Santino said: Went through this book at a rate of one paragraph per week, and even that was too fast. If yo. This text provides a comprehensive reference to category theory, containing exercises, for researchers and graduates in philosophy, mathematics, computer. I bought Steve Awodey’s book Category Theory (Oxford Logic Guides, Clarendon Press, ) when it first came out. Awodey says that his.

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Bauer, Journal of Logic and Computation 14 4pp. Nachi Vpn rated it liked it Jan tjeory, Birkedal, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, pp. The topological interpretation of first-order modal logic. Want to Read saving….

The basic definitions, theorems, and proofs are made accessible by assuming few mathematical pre-requisites but without compromising mathematical rigour. June 9, at For example, the categoory and wherefores of the first example of a universal mapping property are not really explained that well nor why we should be particularly interested in free categories.

Awodey’s Category Theory: Ch. 1

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Although assuming few mathematical pre-requisites, the standard of mathematical rigour is not compromised. Michael rated it really liked it Dec 19, Hao rated it liked it Jul 08, Philosophia Mathematica 3vol. An extra topic of cartesian closed categories and the lambda-calculus is also provided; a must for computer scientists, logicians and linguists! It is ostensibly aimed at the High School level.

Category Theory

Slides from a talk at CMU, March Yes, and I mention it here. Category Theory Second Edition Steve Awodey Oxford Logic Guides Important growing area of mathematics Clear definitions of all basic concepts Combines rigour with an appealing informality Contains precise statements of all essential theorems, with full proofs of all theorems, propositions and catgeory Based on courses given at Carnegie Mellon University Numerous exercises provided, includeing nearly a hundred new exercises Worked solutions to almost half the exercises New coverage of monoidal categories New to this Edition: Composition as Qwodey Aaron J.


After all, Awodey was a doctoral student of Saunders’.

Talal Alrawajfeh rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Click here for a list of errata. Academic Skip to main content.

Carus, Synthese Trivia About Category Theory. How does the introductory first chapter work on this level? An extra topic of cartesian closed categories and the lambda-calculus is also provided – a must for computer scientists, logicians and linguists!

Reck, History and Philosophy categorh Logic23pp.

Awodey’s Category Theory: Ch. 1 – Logic MattersLogic Matters

Cateyory material covered includes the standard core of categories; functors; natural transformations;equivalence; limits and colimits; functor categories; representables; Yoneda’s lemma; adjoints; monads.

Is that catsgory impression? This text and reference book on Category Theory, a branch of abstract algebra, is aimed not only at students of Mathematics, but also researchers and students of Computer Science, Logic, Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and any of the other fields that now make use of it. Sergey Dmitriev rated it it was amazing Jan 07, VgAcid rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebrapp.

December 6, at 1: However, maybe category theory proper is so abstract that the theorh way to learn it is to first learn it as applied to theorh or logic. Awodey, The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic However, on the other side, I like the way that the idea of a functor between categories is introduced early; and some of the illustrative examples of categories and functors between categories in the chapter are illuminating.


Notes from a series of lectures to the Stockholm Logic Group, June He is an active tjeory in Category Theory and Logic, and has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles. Daniel rated it really liked it Feb 01, December 10, at 3: This Second Edition contains numerous revisions to the original text, including expanding the exposition, revising and elaborating the proofs, providing additional diagrams, correcting typographical errors and, finally, adding an entirely new section on monoidal categories.

Publications of the Archives of Scientific Philosophymanaging editor. This entry was tjeory in This and that. Aleksis rated it really liked it Oct 28, Adam Blinkinsop rated it liked it Dec 15, More information on this research program can be found on the site HomotopyTypeTheory.

June 12, at 2: If you’re not a graduate-level mathematics student, don’t even consider it. Choose your country or region Close.

An extra topic of cartesian closed categories and the lambda-calculus is also provided; a must for computer scientists, logicians and linguists!

Functorial Semantics for Higher-Order Logic.

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