Batman Confidential 18 [Fabian Nicieza] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tales of the Batman in the past. Batman Confidential #17 and #18 tell the story of Batgirl’s first encounter with Catwoman. There isn’t a Batman to be found in these. Compare critic reviews for Batman Confidential #18 by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire, published by DC Comics.

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Aug 20, Ronnie Jones rated it it was ok. There are the names of five different male people who all worked on this comic and apparently thought that the various convoluted ways that the two fe This comic was insultingly and blatantly sexist. I’m an aspiring author who just happens to also work on the web, reporting on the environmental research and science at Planetsave.

I am so glad that I did, and look forward to getting my hands on a TPB of the earlier issues. However, overall I thought this was pretty rough, especially in a somewhat risque first half.

Muy divertido y ligero. Jun 14, Jacob rated it liked it.

A fun read about Batgirl trying to keep a notebook of her father’s safe. Nothing says a classic like taking two strong female characters and making them completely superficial.

Instead of a cool battle between two strong, interesting female leads, however, it was more like some guy’s ok, fine, plenty of guys’ confkdential some girls’ fantasy of two hot chicks fighting over Batman.


Feb 15, J.

As a fan of both Batgirl and Kevin Maguire, I remembered it fondly. The faces are drawn very masculine as well. Light and funny in a bahman way. December 31, 0. Batgirl and Catwoman literally get completely naked and fight each other, and DC just went ahead stamped their seal of approval all over it.

Jun 28, Chad Jordahl rated it really liked it Shelves: At times funny, but also great fights that are well-timed. A fun book but disturbingly sexist Read the full review here.

Batman Confidential Vol 1 18

She thus knew she had to go in there. Basically Cat Woman steals something from Bat Girl who stole it from her dadand they spend the entire time chasing each other across Gotham. A lot of fun and the artwork by ##18 Maguire puts it over the top! And worst of all, the women look like men! It’s nice to see Batman, Catwoman, and Batgirl in a more humorous light, and one does have to credit Fabian with mixing the light moments with the darker ones professionally.

Batman Confidential () #18 by Fabian Nicieza & Kevin Maguire on Apple Books

It was great to see that up against Catwoman – everything Batgirl wants to be except on the wrong side of the law. The two chase each other across the rooftops, stealing the book back from each other. I didn’t like the first half, but the second part was very entertaining and well written. I know that the DC offices are in a bit of disarray when are they not? Terrific story about Batgirl and Catwoman’s first encounter of each other.


Accept Reject Read More. I can tell you that much. Well done, Fabian Nicieza????!??

But I gave back a star for the nice ending. Her costume is also weird, and impractical for roof jumping. What’s not to love? About Author Joshua Hill Website I’m an aspiring author who just happens to also work on the web, reporting on the environmental research and science at Planetsave.

Nicieza’s humor, paired with Maguire’s art makes for a nice combination, although the facial expressions Maguire peppers throughout are condidential clear draw here. The volu Despite the title of this series, Batman is just a peripheral character in this volume. Apr 19, Jay Hancock rated it it was ok.

Batman Confidential, Vol. 4: The Cat and the Bat

Seqential MInded on June 24, 3: The font and appearance of the panels are slightly different, and correspond to each character, but the differences are subtle, and I had to read many of them twice to get a handle on who was thinking what. But who’s the mysterious third party involved? His argument btaman that, for the Joker, sexuality is a weapon, making him essentially pansexual, and he would be whatever made Batman the most uncomfortable.

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