20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to “tap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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Lots of cool projects. I’ll explain, let’s say there was a ‘magic’ source of free energy suddenly available globally. Primary battery should be a GOOD flooded lead bedoni battery that is big enough to run at the C20 rate. I tuned this to charge, I could care less about the torque.

John Bedini Energizers 1

I do have an all north axial rotor in a horizontal position. It is running off the fact that vacuum space-time itself is nothing but pure massless charge. Less draw on the primaries, while much better charging.


The Internet can spread the news of a new discovery at break neck speeds. Find all posts by madhatter. Aluminum fan blade that you can attach to the shaft.

This will get you in the ball park. Originally Posted by JacobS. The way you have drawn it the coil will always be on and it will get very hot and not charge much. Originally Posted by Branch Gordon. With the exception of the rotor, I started with a Bedini monopole, by the book.

Last edited by Jason 7; at The inventors who have discovered this have used various variations, but here we show a common one. I have been testing with this machine for about 5 months. Then there is the Watson generator. During this time a constant load of 12kw could be withdrawn from the device. Oh, but he did! Imagine starting with a fully charged battery and connecting it to the motor with no other power input.

If this were even remotely simple, everybody would be doing it. Good luck – Shin. Also, we warn you not to play with this unless you know what you are doing.

Originally Posted energixer tachyoncatcher Thanks Guys, I thought as much. The cost of other goods and services would increase to fill the gap left by the loss of that taxable income.


Bedini Energizer Specifications – Really? – Energetic Forum

Motorcycle or lawn tractor batteries are good. Now if you realize that this is a chess game you’ll start to see a pattern, there is no magic source of free energy that can be made without the need for enerigzer resources. Note that regulation may decrease the time of recharge application of the del-phi river. If both mechanical and electrical are considered, I probably have near, if not over a COP of 1. This much of the circuit is perfectly ordinary.

Jim sold us all out, and I have moved on to other things. I have seen anomalies with this unit that convention can not explain. It is running off the principles of electromagnetics that Nikola Tesla discovered shortly before in his Colorado Springs experiments.

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