BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 Manual Online: Charging The Battery, Entering The Pin, Emergency Number (sos). Power Supply Unit Into A Mains Power Socket And. The BenQ-Siemens EL71 is a slider-type GSM triband mobile phone created by BenQ Mobile. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. In particular, someone may call model BenQ Siemens EL71 the new flagship of . But I suppose the majority of users will just pass this fact by.

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Information on the screen remains readable in the sun; the right angle makes all the difference here. Incidentally, it hasn’t yet been announced what size of microSD card, if any, will be supplied with the EL71 – this will depend on which networks take it up, or on special offers from retailers.

Not a single extra feature can be found here. The handset has only one alarm clock on-boards, which can be set to certain days of week, playing various tunes and enabled to use Autosnooze.

Benq-Siemens EL71 specs

Basically the system, used in the SL75 has possessed one of the best auto-completion systems so far. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets.

You can check out difference bwnq time between two selected cities. The loudspeaker is fairly tinny, as you’d expect, but surprisingly loud.

The handset possesses two special music keys — start and pause, accompanied by a button bringing up the directory with list of all music files switches to the last used tab, and this makes sense. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: At any rate the difference seemingly comes to one line.


I need a motherboard or if someone out there is familiar bsnq have come across the same problem ,help. The handset possesses the function of turning off on the schedule. The last used filter is always applied on every start up. There’s no multi-shot option, but there is a self-timer which can be set between five and 30 seconds, there are five resolution settings between low and premium as well as various lighting adjustments, but there are no onboard editing facilities – although you can transfer your pics to your PC using the supplied USB data cable or Bluetooth.

BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 User Manual: Charging The Battery; Entering The Pin; Emergency Number (sos)

Regulatory Approval FCC approval: To-do list almost completely copies entries in the Calendar — the only single difference lies in competition status done or not and priority level 5 scales, starting from the highest one and ending with the minor level.

In closed condition one can dial a number only from the list of recent calls or the phonebook. Traditionally here you can find settings for call costs and time limitations; this requires entering PIN-code Internet. Number of entries is limited only to the size of available storage organizer is capable of using nearly 9 Mb, though in practice we figured out it can accept more than events.

You can create a special folder with private notes, which can be accessed only in case you know the password.

Countdown time is extended owing to provided sub-settings for cooking eggs, rice, potato etc. It’s lightweight too, considering it’s a metal-bodied phone, at 94g, and slim, at a shade under 17mm; it’s no RAZR, but you shouldn’t have any trouble concealing it in a pocket. Computer sync Phone features Notifications: Brick Challenge is a barricade breaking sl71 with online multiplayer option.


The lens has no cover but is embedded in a fairly deep recess that should protect it from most knocks and bumps. It’s certainly a sleek looking device, especially in the shiny version that we got to try, uwer it’s also available in ‘opal black’.

BenQ-Siemens EL71

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Last week Last 2 days Most commented. The Calculator allows estimating time span, separating two entered dates, at that data type may be changes years, months, weeks, days. On the whole the capabilities of this applications are very wide and give a lot of pleasing moments even to usrr most demanding consumer.

Review of GSM-handset BenQ Siemens EL71

Full recharge time of the battery is almost 2 hours. Though even this simple idea was spoiled by a minor flaw, though it appears so only at the first glance — namely you need to confirm the dial, so eventually you end up with the same two actions to make. Volume controls are on the left side and there’s a mirror image of these controls on the right – down for quick access to the camera, and up for a selected quick dial number. Considering the pleasing fact that all birthdays are automatically directed to the Calendar, the developers provided a function for turning off their appearance on the general list.

It sounds pretty good too, thanks to a range of changeable swooshy sound effects. It features music and video player and streaming.

Pictures, which are aimed at applying to contacts in the phonebook later on are saved in the lowest quality.

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