This is the Marathi translation of BYCULLA TO BANGKOK by S Hussain Zaidi. This is a meticulously researched tale of the Mumbais underworld, thrillingly told . (Byculla To Bangkok) (Marathi Edition) [(HUSSAIN ZAIDI)] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chota Rajan Arun Gawli Ashwin Naik What is. Visit: View Book Details.

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Perhaps, when you are this much involved in your subject matter as Mr. There is no single central character in this book and that may not appeal to some. But it seemed that those who made love to her were destined for certain death. This is not only story of the underworld but this book also throws light on the nexus between politician and cops.

Some of the pics in the book are actually useless in the extreme.


It is an abject failure of bhsykhala system. However it is also true that this pales and dilutes if compared to Dongri to Dubai. It mostly revolves around three characters, i. Retrieved 27 March All in all this is definitely a recommended pick up. The recurring theme in the book is how crony capitalism and inability of police to provide justice le Thank god, Hussain Zaidi has improved leaps and bounds in baykhala writing skills, unlike the prequel to this book Dongri to Bangkoo, which felt like it was recycling of newspaper articles.

Thank god, Hussain Zaidi has improved leaps and bounds in his writing skills, unlike the prequel to this book Dongri to Dubai, which felt like it was recycling of newspaper articles. PaperbackFirst Editionpages. Arun Gavli was a mill worker, Arun Naik was a vegetable vendor and Chota Rajan used to sell black tickets outside Sahakar cinema.

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The story is spine chilling and an accurate description of what many went through in those times. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It seems the author just printed few of the pictures for the sake of it.

Like all his books, Zaidi has thoroughly researched for this one as well.

I was looking over my shoulder bhaykhlaa a bit after reading this. Every chapter is like a complete story in itself. The bias in this book as well his earlier one towards Dawood is visible in a very subtle manner.

Byculla to Bangkok (Marathi Edition) | Books For You

It becomes bit predictable towards the end but nonetheless there’s one hell of a story waiting for the readers to read. Some died, some became disillusioned, others simply lost their minds. This book, like his previous book, bhaykhaka thoroughly researched and keeps you engaged.

May 29, Nikita Narvekar rated it liked it. As mentioned earlier in the book, dongari Musafirkhana,Pakmodia Street was the den of Dawood Inbrahim Kaskar started his journey from Bykulla and finally settled in Dubai now he is in karachi.

Would love to read a book wirtten on encounter cops of mumbai chronicling their lives but thats for another day. Notoriously it is “Sisily Of Asia”. These bastards should be treated as vermin and not some hot bodies hunks, Which bollywood has done in quite a number of ways.

Zaidi’s interview with Arun Gavali in Harsool jail is quite interesting to read. The chapters or stories in BTB seems incomplete rushed, where the stories or incidences in DTD seemed complete and linked to each other.


Violence and deceit one expects to read of, but the strength of this book is also its ability to capture the munda After the huge success of Dongri to Dubai, here comes its much awaited sequel, Byculla to Bangkok.

But I was really disappointed from the very first chapter. The art of investigative journalism and then transformed into a superb page turner, trust Hussain Zaidi on that. Our institutions are absolutely not people friendly nor do they operate with SLAs.

Byculla to Bangkok

The bhaykala goes to to highlight the manner in which especially Rajan, Gawli and Amar Naik, stepped in the underworld and went on to play an important part in defining the mafia age. Many committed suicide, some just melted into the background, some retreated to their native villages — while others ended up hawking vegetables beneath the very structures that gave them their bread and butter.

If he was not killed in an encounter he may have very well been a serious challenger to Dawood in Mumbai and in Asia.

The book starts of with a racy encounter ending in the death of a dreaded mafia guy. Retrieved 28 March Jul 31, Virat hooda rated it liked it Shelves: Writing style of mr. Archived from the original on 28 March Primarily because his first one D2D kind of stole the show. Organized crime in any part of the world, makes up for a fascinating study, insensitive, is it?

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