Binnaz Toprak, Bogazici University, Political Science and International Relations Department, Emeritus. Studies Turkish Studies, Political. The Post-modern Abyss and the New Politics of Islam: Assabiyah Revisited: Essays in Honor of Serif Mardin. Jun 1, by Faruk Birtek and Binnaz Toprak . Being Different in Turkey Religion, Conservatism and Otherization [Binnaz Toprak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Mr Howarth in his opening speech expressed his support for equality between men and women and stated that more women need to be in parliaments as gender equality is a key issue foprak. Prof Binnaz Toprak spoke first and detailed the gender inequality experienced in Turkey by providing striking statistics:.

Binnaz Toprak | Bogazici University –

Toprak in response to the statistics above stated that women in contemporary Turkey suffers from deep issues that require urgent attention. She added that not only the current AKP government but also all previous governments of the Republic are to blame for the current status of women in Turkey.

Prof Toprak argued that the ultimate issue in this matter is that women are seen as part of family, not as part of the society. That is to say, she added, women have to comply to family rules and tkprak as opposed binna the bonnaz protection for law abiding citizens of the society. She suggested that the government and politicians in general have a lot to answer, but a movement coming from grassroots would liberate women.


Dr Ustek indicated that, according to World Economic Forum Gender Equality Index, Turkey, in terms of women employment, ranks th in the labour market among the countries listed.

Dr Ustek added that employment of women in Turkey are invisible as their work is classified as informal work. Women binnxz cleaners, nannies, cooks and so on are very much in the centre of the public life, but their presence lacks recognition in employment records and their labour is devoid of employment rights. Dr Ustek argued that women in Turkey almost prefer to remain invisible in public life as it is a safer option for themselves.

She said that a recent study on women without men shows unmarried, widowed and single women faces the highest risk of poverty, social isolation and sexual and physical harassment. Dr Ustek, in her conclusion, looking at women in family and public life, said that her findings and other researches show that women feel in danger with no appropriate social security rights despite improvements in recent years. The final speaker Ms Arwa Ibrahim shared her observations of women in Turkey.


Ms Ibrahim suggested that women are very much in the public eye in Turkey and that there are many strong women fighting against not only gender inequality but all sorts of issues affecting their lives and families. She argued that civil society organisations, especially women organisations, offer a toprrak outlook for the future of women and that more information on violence against women is coming out.

Toprak, Binnaz

According to Ms Ibrahim, gender inequality and violence against women are globally experienced and the case in Turkey needs to be evaluated with this global perspective.

Referring to honour killings, Ms Ibrahim stated that Islam does not dictate violence against women, on the contrary, it encourages honouring women. Book Launch ‘Why Turkey is Authoritarian: From Ataturk to Erdogan’ 31st March Prof Binnaz Toprak spoke first and detailed the gender inequality experienced in Turkey by providing striking statistics: Dr Funda Ustek Joint Forum: This site uses cookies:

Last modified: August 1, 2020