Black Ice [Lorene Cary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was. Black Ice Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Black Ice by Lorene Cary . With her first book, Black lee (), African American author Lorene Cary has entered the literary arena through the passage – a true rite of passage indeed- of.

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Cary’s autobiography is full of nervous energy that endears her to the reader, and her struggles with self-identification and image in a school that both accepts her and others her is important reading for understanding how race continues to challenge us post-civil rights.

Lorene discusses how she maintains her black identity at St. Paul’s is an elite prep school in New Hampshire.

Black Ice Teacher’s Guide

Feb 13, SmarterLilac rated it it was amazing. Do you feel that she is justified icw seeing her presence at the school as “a sort of liberal-minded experiment” [p.

It is much easier to see her internal struggle throughout the book than it is to see her external struggle—which I suppose was part of the problem, but there’s nuance here that I’m sure I’m missing. Of what is she no longer cry She has also been a teacher at St.

Paul’s School in Concord, NH, a prestigious boarding school which had only recently become co ed, and which was courting black students. Jonathan Yardley’s article in the Post Sunday December 1 called this the best “black book” this year. Lroene, I found a moving portrait of a young activist acutely aware that the ’60s movements must continue if society was to lorenw. In what way is “her” God different from the God of the St.


Mar 08, Laurie rated fary really liked it. It was not an easy transition to go from a Philadelphia public school to former all-boys private school in New Hampshire. Why has she chosen this as a title for her book? She spent two years at St. Sep 04, Adeline rated it liked it.

Black Ice by Lorene Cary

She was especially ie of the differences in upbringing: Had she earned her place at St. She is vice president of the school. Cary is understandably reluctant to be on the outside, to have to push boundaries her own and others’. What has changed, what has remained the same?

If it is indeed an experiment, what is the purpose of that experiment? The book ends where it begins: InCary published her first novel, The Price of a Child. In Cary founded Art Ive, an African-American arts and letters organization devoted to presenting regional and national talent in the literary, visual and performing arts.

Black Ice by Lorene Cary – Teacher’s Guide – : Books

She speaks many times of her loneliness at the school but, to me, she never quite explains the cause of this loneliness, other than the fact that it began in the Rectory on her very first day. As American loreene becomes increasingly multiracial, more and more young Americans find themselves, as Lorene Cary did, in strange and unfamiliar worlds.

During her first visit to the school she eats ccary “self-consciously, at the drop-leaf table under Mr.

Why does she perceive it to cart such a definitive moment in their lives and relationship? Would recommend, especially to Philly natives. Is the guilt she feels reasonable?

Not one thought entered my head that did not seem disloyal. What, in fact, did Cary receive from her St. Why did Mama get angry at both Cary and her teacher during the elementary school science fair? Easy and intuitive to use. Unfortunately, the memories here are typical coming-of-age encounters with drugs, sex, academic and social competitiveness; the central conflict presented of trying to fit in as a lorsne in a traditionally white environment is not analyzed.


It made me think as I always have how different African Americans are.

Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

Mark all un- played. How would you describe this image? It is extremely well written and an uplifting story. How does she differentiate it from “real stealing” [p. The book was published in by Alfred A. It’s not anything out of Angelou’s or Cleaver’s hands; the writing style is fine in itself, though the novel is linking together fragments and still manages to be called a memoir. I was elated when I went into the army and landed blackk a company that was majority black!

We grow up differently; our experiences are so different. It didn’t occur to me that I never named my own mystery illness the spring before except to misdiagnose it to friends as monobecause I’d been afraid to admit, even to my mother, how much I’d wanted to lie down somewhere and hide. What does she mean by this term? Some of them never get down and dirty in this respect. Do you think this worry affects her life at St. I have been looking forward to reading this book since Lorenf Cary came to speak last year in chapel.

Boarding school books always draw me in! In Cary, a bright and ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was offered the opportunity to attend the elite St. What books might have helped create it?

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