Download Citation on ResearchGate | Pengaruh Jumlah Bahan Perekat Terhadap Kualitas Briket Bioarang Dari Tongkol Jagung | Biomass is a solid waste. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). Briket biomassa merupakan briket yang dibuat dari biomassa sebagai pengganti arang dan batu bara. Contoh limbah biomassa yang digunakan diantaranya.

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Abstract The energy crisis resulted bfiket the increasing of fossil fuel consumption forces us to find energy alternative sources. Wood used as raw of combustion.

Paddy shell as one of agriculture solid waste, which is found much in rural district of Munggugebang, district of Benjeng, Gresik Regency, East Java. Bioarant represent the substance involve which usually considered as garbage and often annihilated by burned. As for the analysis of the combustion quality of the results were obtained startup time from 4.

The results were showed that the resulting biocharcoal briquettes have characteristics of water content from ‘. This waste has a calorific value high enough so that it can be converted into a renewable energy alternative. Manuskrip yang diterima akan dipublikasikan dalam bioarwng cetak dimana ISSN bioadang dalam bentuk cetak bukan dalam bentuk online pdf. This experiment purpose was changing paddy shell into biocarbon briquette, which the carbonization using simple furnace and steel vessel.


Briket biomassa – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Parameter studied began by treatment of raw materials and compaction pressure. It is published biannually in Next, that briquette was tested its physical and chemical characteristics such as: Penulis tidak diperbolehkan mempublikasikan karyanya ke dalam bentuk lain jurnal tanpa seizin pengelola Jurnal Purifikasi.

Vol 6 No 2 Mixture of biocharcoal briquettes are then printed using a mold manual briquettes and the results analyzed. Jurnal Purifikasi Articles Article Sidebar. Carbons were made by variating their carbonization final temperature o C, o C and o C and their contact time in final temperature of carbonization 10, 20 and 40 minuts.

The One alternative energy that can be generated from the conversion of almond tree leaves waste is biocharcoal briquette.

Pelita – Jurnal Penelitian Mahasiswa UNY

Main Article Content Eddy Soedjono. The energy crisis resulted from the increasing of fossil fuel consumption forces us to find energy alternative sources. Article Metrics Abstract views: Home Archives Vol 6 No brikey This research conducted by the making of charcoal briquette made from salacca Salacca edulis stem waste.

Penulis dengan vioarang bersedia menyerahkan hak cipta manuskrip beserta isinya kepada Jurnal Purifikasi, jika diterima untuk publikasi. Then the result was mixed with the starch powder which was added with water and heated until it changed become pasta that later become a glue with the ratio of charcoal 10 kg: Pengiriman manuskrip ke Jurnal Purifikasi diartikan brkket karya tersebut belum pernah dipublikasikan pada jurnal lain serta tidak dalam pertimbangan untuk dipublikasikan di tempat lain.


Infoteknik is a journal of scientific and engineering applications. The paddy shell is dumping and then is burning unlessly. Biomass is one of environment friendly renewable alternative energy resources which biooarang utilization nowdays has not been optimal. The process started by carbonization of salacca stem waste bark in metal kiln until become the charcoal. View original from ppjp.


Abstract Paddy shell as one of agriculture solid waste, which is found much in rural district of Munggugebang, district of Benjeng, Gresik Regency, Brriket Java. The heating value of carbon was tested with bom calorimetry.

In fact the biomass can be processed become the bio-char briquette which have high heating value and can be used in daily life.

At the optimal condition resulted briquette with characteristics: Dengan menyerahkan manuskrip, penulis telah dianggap mengetahui segala hak dan kewajiban yang melekat pada setiap manuskrip.

Almond tree Terminalia catappa L. Start up time, the length of time to ignition briquettes and burning speed.

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