Racine: Texte Integral (Britannicus). by Racine, Jean Baptiste. [ Books ] Additional authors: Malrieu, Joel (ed.) | Martiarena, Martine (ed.) Published by. : Britannicus de Racine – Acte IV, scène 4: Commentaire de texte scène de l’acte IV dans un commentaire original et complet pour approfondir. Buy Britannicus by Jean Racine (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low Iphigenie (Petits Classiques Larousse Texte Integral).

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She was so controlling and obsessive, I loved it! Nero is in love I read all sorts of extracts from this play in school, so it was a lot of fun to experience the full play from an armchair. I read this with a not-so-good attitude because I had to read it for school.

It is inspired from the history of ancient Rome, the times of the infamous Ne Britannicus by Jean Racine Excellent play- 9 out of 10 What a relief!

As emperor and the most powerful man in the world, Nero is abusing his position, making those around him suffer. It is inspired from the history of ancient Rome, the times of the infamous Nero to be more precise.

Let us also consider Agrippina because woven through this tale of tragic love is also a struggle between a mother and her son. The story was incredible, beautifully written and the end was breathtaking. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Nero has Britannicus poisoned, and Junia then takes her own life, because, well, Nero. So she sides with Britannicus to serve her son a slice of humble pie, and the plan does not go well.

Even though I had to look up half the words in the dictionary, it was well worth it! Those at the top often abuse their power, and this leads to tragic outcomes and moral chaos. Jean Racine died in from cancer of the liver.

At the death of his grandfather inhis grandmother, Marie des Moulins, went to live in the convent of Port-Royal and took her grandson with her.

However, we do know what he does become and a part of me feels that the texhe on this one day end up being the tipping point — love does have that effect upon people, as does not being able to get what you want when you happen to be the most powerful person in the empire.


Racine skillfully weaves a tale of how good can not survive in a world where corruption has poisoned a society from the roots raclne, showing us how even the most powerful people become victim to their own machinations when they have raciine for too long whimsey and lust to be their standard.

In Britannicus, he is just a man looking to separate himself from others, and it is striking the way that he does not.

That being said, a theatre would be better. I originally only bought it because it was really cheap and I birtannicus to read some classics. Agrippine was my favorite character.

MacbethOthelloand the others we read for school. It works in two spheres as well — the political and the domestic. The major thing that stands out is that you basically can’t always have what you want, and even if you attempt to take it by force it doesn’t mean that you are going to succeed.

Specifically, the events follow Nero as he assumes power and subverts Roman morality and political practice. Aug 16, CC rated it really liked it. No trivia texe quizzes yet. I’ve heard a lot about Nero, the evil emperor, but his burgeoning evil here was remarkable.

Britannicus by Jean Racine. From where we stand we can look forward to see the man who murdered his mother, and would wander the streets of Rome mugging people because, well, because he was Nero. To ask other readers questions about Britannicusplease sign up. My new favorite drama play! The plot in textf nutshell is: Racine explores how a man so powerful can lose all bearings, with a little help from a certain double-agent advisor.

C’est ce que Racine a bien compris: How joyfully do people break their word! brutannicus

Jean Racine | Open Library

Le peuple aime tendrement Britannicus. Nero in Love 15 February — Phnom Phem As I was intgrral this play the first thing that struck me is that Racine sticks very closely to the Aristotelean rules of unity of time and place: We are horrified by the gladiator fights and the cruel fate that waited fighters in the arena, prisoners and slaves.


Port-Royal was run by followers of Jansenism, a theology condemned as heretical by the French bishops and the Pope. Feb 22, Rozonda rated it it was amazing. Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy. Nov 06, Stuart rated it it was amazing. Published September by Larousse first published I read many books from my father’s bookshelf when I was little, but obviously a lot went over my head.

Then again, in Nero in Love 15 February — Phnom Phem As I was reading this play the first thing that struck me is that Racine sticks very closely to the Aristotelean rules of unity of time and place: Nov 04, Marie Adamski rated it it was amazing.

Yet he is not so much a racune tyrant though he bgitannicusbut a little boy who never got over textf loss of his love. I think I like Racine better than Shakespeare, does this make me a pleb?

Racine: Texte Integral (Britannicus)

Britannicus is also a valid alternative candidate to the throne, so lots of politics occur where Britannicus tries to use his political heft to get his girlfriend back. Interesting to learn about this, but not my cup of tea. Apr 12, Constance rated it it was amazing. As Racine puts it, Britannicus’s death is not significant in and of itself; it matters more because it marks the moment in which Agrippine realizes Nero will one day kill HER, too.

Okay, we might britannicys put this down to your typical love triangle, but this is Nero we are talking about, and when you happen raacine be him you sort of don’t like taking no for an answer.

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