Camelot #1 – 12 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite. When it was first published in , DC Comics’ Camelot was already notable for a number of reasons—it was the first maxi-series; the. CAMELOT · CAMELOT · CAMELOT DELUXE EDITION · CREATURE COMMANDOS · DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ’80S #1.

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Now some thirty years later and knowing a lot more of the mythos I see the richness of it weaved into the story. A Novel of Arthur. One of Arthur’s nights is reborn as a woman, yet still loves the woman of his past life who was also reincarnated.

Some of the loans have been good reads, and some have been entirely outlandish. So, basically, I gave this book 4 stars not on its own merits, but due to its significance in mostly my personal history. To ask other readers questions about Camelotplease sign up.

Camelot 3000 #1 – 12 (1982-1985)

About the rest of the comic: The art was by British artist Brian Bolland who is more often associated, these days, with fabulous cover art but also worked on early Judge Dredd stories for This book is a collection of the first comic book maxi-series, as claimed in the introduction by Don and Maggie Thompson.

Eventually, I was able to procure a few back issues, one with a tantalizing picture of a scantily clad and futuristic Morgan le Fay that occupied many of teenage fantasies for years to come. Bluntly, the collection hasn’t aged well.


Paperbackpages. Open Preview See a Problem? Fulfilling an ancient prophecy that he would return when England needs him most, Arthur is awakened accidentally from his resting place beneath Glastonbury Tor by a young archeology student, Tom Prentice, whom Arthur makes his squire and later a knight.

Now, reading something like that would be cheesy or cliched, but back then, it’s pretty groundbreaking.

Nov 12, Matt Piechocinski rated it it was ok. Trivia About Camelot Like other ambit I first read this comic series when I was 12 years old.

Camelot 3000

It doesn’t help that a number of later comics, such as Fablesdeal with the updating of mythological or fantasy characters much better. Barr and Brian Bolland Return to Camelot”. So when I re- read CamelotI was expecting a frankly substandard effort from Barr, despite the always-gorgeous art from Brian Bolland and for perhaps the apotheosis of his art, espxol look for Batman: It didn’t age very esspaol.

I caemlot a big Arthurian Legend fan so I thought this would be a fun graphic novel. The final scene shows an alien on a distant world pulling Excalibur from a stone and being hailed as a leader.

It may seem strange, because I usually go for more ‘modern’ comic drawings but I camellot how every character was well characterized by their look I am definitel I have so much to say about this comic, but first of all: In Decemberhe and artist Brian Bolland began Camelota 12 issue limited series that was one of DC Comics’ first direct market projects.


After Modred’s birth, he had been taken away by a peasant woman to be hidden from Arthur, but she was intercepted by Sirs Kay and Tristan. The most original treatment in the work of any of the Arthurian characters is that of the figure of Sir Tristanwho is unexpectedly reincarnated in a woman’s form.

Barr and penciled by Brian Bolland.

Camelot by Mike W. Barr

I first read this comic series when I was 12 years old. Very cool reimagining of cameoot Arthurian legend as the prophecy of Arthur’s return is fulfilled Retrieved from ” https: In a nutshell, Camelot tells the story of the reappearance of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in the far future in response to a world-shaking threat to planet Earth in general and England in particular.

I think if it was and I was a hormonal 12 year old and had just watched John Boorman’s Excalibur and was really getting into the Arthurian legend stuff, but also liked futuristic space adventure and illustrations of scantily 33000 warrior-women, then this probably would have received 4 stars.

Mar 06, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: Camelot is an American twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Mike W.

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