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This service allows customers to share multimedia content photos, videos and music through pobtos personal MEO TV channel. To develop a winning go-to-market strategy and reduce investment risks we work with a broad network of partners in leading edge companies, abroad and in Portugal.

Tmn pontos catalogo 2013

Net other financial losses gains. Change in gross unfunded obligations. Other Operating Expenses RevenueNet. The revenue performance in the enterprise segment is also being penalised by the economic environment, namely by: Post retirement benefits costs remained broadly flat at Euro 58 million innotwithstanding the impact of the proportional consolidation of Oi in 1Q12 Euro 1.

Equity before non-controlling interests initial balance.

Tmn pontos catalogo

The US markets continued to show strong gains, as they benefited from a more expansionary monetary policy by the Federal Reserve FED and better prospects for the US economy: Inflationary pressures are projected to fall to 9. The Commission is already preparing the first steps of implementation of this decision.


DuringOi continued to expand its retail network by increasing the capilarity of the point of rmn and also increasing the points of recharging and SIM card distribution, thus bringing additional convenience and proximity to its customers. A prime example of this type of partnership 203 the one with Carnegie-Mellon Portugal, in which PT maintains its status as a key industrial partner.

The new demand thus created has untapped potential in traditional telecom services, with penetration of most services still to reach levels of mature markets.

This tool for managing innovative ideas works simply: As a result of this success, the weight of non-voice services in Residential stood at The Eurozone crisis led the U. This reduction of ponyos annual inflation rate was possible notwithstanding the European monetary authority ECB-European Central Bank decision to decrease the reference interest rate to its historical minimum of 0. Vou resumir um pouco os telemveis mais recentes que vm na revista e falar sobre os melhores na minha opinio.

Net actuarial gains lossesnet of taxes. Proliferation of new access technologies. Inrevenues from the Enterprises segment increased by 0.

In this context, exploratory innovation plays a key role in reaching the standard of competitiveness required to be successful and maintain a sustainable business, ensuring market leadership in the long run. Several new mobile solutions were also developed, including the following: Additional information to shareholders. In effect, as referred to before, MTRs declined throughout from Euro 3.

  ISO 23874 PDF

In this way PT was able to speed up new processes implementation and alteration. Pro-forma consolidated net revenues.

The stabilisation of the financial markets was visible in 2H12, which translated into the narrowing of the peripheral economies public debt securities spreads against Germany. Telecommunication operators need to address these new needs by delivering integrated solutions, encompassing communications, networks and information technologies, and by offering flexible, scalable and secure cloud services. Income before income taxes.

In order to achieve this, PT developed and implemented a three-tier approach to the B2B market: Establishing a European Cloud Partnership to drive innovation and growth from the public sector. Both technologies offer more speed, lower latencies and higher.

The appetite of Asian and Latin American gmn economies for natural resources triggered a boom of international commodity prices, which underpinned resource-seeking investment in Africa.

Driving growth through mobile data and convergence. The annual GDP contracted 0. In effect the growth rate of service revenues observed in 4Q12 was the highest in the past six quarters.

The Portuguese telecommunications market has been changing with triple-play packages gaining traction in the fixed market. Innovative data service campaigns were maintained, of which one successful example is the Netman service. Address of principal executive office. Inthe Portuguese telecommunications businesses continued to show steady customer growth, with the fixed retail customers growing by 5.

Last modified: February 26, 2020