Creates a PDF document from a text block containing CFML and HTML. You should use the cfdocument tag (with format=”PDF”) to generate the PDF by I could fake print-resolution by making a large image and scaling it in HTML. You can convert HTML-based reports into PDF or by wrapping the HTML in the cfdocument start.

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First the tag attributes.

The permissions are defined in “permissions” attribute. Create the directories in the path before you specify the file. This attribute is available only if you have integrated OpenOffice with ColdFusion.

Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument – Nando @ Aria Media

Copy it to a working directory, rename the copy to fonts. When using cfdocumentsectionall text in the document must be enclosed within cfdocumentsection tags.

Embedding cfdocumenf in the report can help ensure consistent display across multiple browsers and platforms. As a result you can easily convert HTML to printable output, as the following example shows: ColdFusion 9 supports bookmarks.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Htm. Creating sections, headers, and footers You can use the cfdocument and cfdocumentsection tags to fine-tune your printable output, as follows: Category Data output tags Syntax.

You can use cfdocumentitem tags with or without the cfdocumentsection tag, as follows:.


After a bunch of reading that indicated modifying the image print size or resolution would not help, I tried adding a css style declaration to the image that specified a size in mm, and it worked! But for now, it works like this.

cfdocument Code Examples and CFML Documentation

Within a section, use the cfdocumentitem tag to cfdocunent unique headers and footers for each section and a page break before each section, as the following example shows: It would be optimal if anything you produce in a browser will look exactly the same in the cfdocument generated PDF. Creates page breaks, headers, or footers. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Creating sections, headers, and footers.

For myself, I found it easier simply to measure cfdocumment from the edge of the page. I ended up having to break some of the encrypted templates in order to fix a couple of bugs and make it work as I needed it to. He started developing web applications cfdocumenh and developing ColdFusion applications since Unless something changes in the future, forget OTF fonts for cfdocument.

Creating PDF and FlashPaper output with the cfdocument tag

If the tag is in the middle of the document, it applies to the rest of the document. MIME type of the source document. The cfdocumentitem attribute cfdocuemnt to the entire document, as follows:. Keep a copy of it, just in case … replace the old fonts.


After you have saved the content as a PDF, use cfheader and cfcontent in combination to output the PDF as an attachment “Save As” and add the file to the response stream. Right margin in inches default or centimeters.

If you notice that the header text is cropped in the cfdocument tag output, increase the value of the marginTop attribute. You can use the cfdocument filename attribute to save the generated PDF or Cfdodument content to a file, as the following example shows:.

This format prints each page as a bitmap, so printing can be slower.

Specify AllowScreenReaders to enable access to the document cfdocyment a screen reader. As a result you can easily convert HTML to printable output, as the following example shows:. Sometimes you may want to create a PDF that does not have the same header and footer for every single page like a title pageor you may have few pages that need different margins. For hyml full list of deprecated features, refer to Deprecated features.

Document Handling

Page height in inches default or centimeters. There are 76 supported CSS styles; see http: Each document section starts on a new page. The following example cffocument how to specify bookmarks for document sections:

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