This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. “Not many literary readings are restricted to an over-eighteen audience. Fewer still take place under circus tents. Yet nothing could be more appropriate for the. Swiss actress Carla Juri explodes onto the scene in young German director David Wnendt’s snazzy adaptation of Charlotte Roch’s.

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Because it’s a byproduct of your body? Deep at heart Helen is lonely and bored, and has been so since the breakup of her parents’ marriage.

Occasionally, some oafish doctor comes in and says something oafish this part is quite believable. Charlotte Roche during a reading in Berlin, Her story is also a manifesto against prissy Anglo-American hygiene habits: I have read pages, so I can’t assess the book in full, but I couldn’t wait to post about it when I woke up this morning.

I was surprised when a co-worker told feuchtgebiste she found it in a bookstore’s ‘erotica’ section. In she went to the secondary school, St. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And she seems like such a nice girl…

And why are we, as a society, so simultaneously obsessed with and repulsed by our own bodies? One is that her heroine’s body – and its products – are somehow shocking. Retrieved 27 December Otherwise, not very much happens.

In this respect – in its stress on the naturalness of bodies – Wetlands is quite German, just as The Sexual Life of Catherine M’s obsessive deconstruction of the author’s desire for rough sex with lorry drivers was quite French, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl’s focus on “shagging” was quite British.


Review: Wetlands by Charlotte Roche | Books | The Guardian

Posted by Tobi Vail at She is in love with her copious “slime”. Is “snail-tail” really an advance on “clitoris”? The cover of the first edition, February I don’t know if I’m the best person to judge this any more, because I work in a hospital, which alters your outlook.

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the bumpidee reader: Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands) by Charlotte Roche

She loves to attract potential sexual partners by parading, underneath her dress, her unwashed vulva and the smells emanating from it. The debates of erotica vs.

It’s a difficult road to freedom, but is calling one’s labia “ladyfingers” truly a leap forward?

Laid out on a hospital bed, bottom bare to the breeze, Helen ruminates at length on her body and its products. The novel’s basic premise is that Helen has had sex, feels great about that, and is generally at home and easy with human fluids in a way charlothe the roachh of us are not.

When she learns that her surgery, which included the removal of haemorrhoidshas been successful and she is going to be released soon, she desperately looks for means to prolong her hospital stay.

The film was widely distributed in Europe. But mostly, she thinks, in the great German tradition. The novel makes reference to a family tragedy in Roche’s own life: In fact, people faint quite a lot at readings, but this is usually less to do with titillation and more to do with long passages of landscape description. Rather, thank God it is only a towel.

Why is eating a scab or dead skin roxch much worse than eating a dead animal? As squeamish as I am about this kind of stuff, the book is totally making me squirm and laugh out loud at the same time. I’m not sure Roche has solved the problem here. Wrecked was published in Roche, the daughter of an engineer and a politically and artistically feucchtgebiete mother was born in High Wycombe UK near London and raised in Germany.


Troubled mind of a taboo-buster”. Anyway, never again should a true Brit complain about Germans draping their towels over sun loungers.

Living in Germany, and fearing difficulties after the Brexit vote, Roche became a German citizen in In Roche featured on the single “1. She represents sex-positive feminism and finds some standpoints of the classic s German feminism, such as its full rejection of pornography, outdated and charlottee. A sexually active woman since feuchttgebiete was fifteen, she has had sex with lots of men and boys and describes herself as continuously randy.

There is something here to offend everyone! She likes to smell and eat her “smegma”. Has anyone else read it? Although its title conjures up the poetic Fens it is possible to see why the British publishers avoided the more accurate translation “Moist Areas”Wetlands takes place entirely in a German hospital room. It is, rather, to describe something that is always there and always felt to be there, through all those other things people do and experience at that level that used to be the subject of novels falling in love, challenging others to duels, talking about the buying and selling of land, etc.

Feuchtyebiete from ” https: Autobiographical novelCharotte novel. Some of this may be down to the translation: Partly autobiographical[1] it was first published in German in by M. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Last modified: January 5, 2020