I found a friend for My melody. Chococat is the second Sanrio character I’ve made. Now they can play together. The finished plush is about 12 cm high. Chococat (Sanrio) Amigurumi Pattern designed by Sabrina’s Crochet! The finished plush is about 12 cm high. Materials: Crochet needle (2,5. More Patterns Like This! chococat · Duckies (Sanrio) Amigurumi Pattern · Coraline Cat Amigurumi Pattern Free · Gumball Free Amigurumi.

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Instructions on crocheting a bear, bunny, cat, dog, elephant, giraffe, hippo, and monkey delve into how to assemble the animals, and notes and tips on the crochet techniques used are included. Halloween Cross Stitch Cat.

Chococat amigurumi | Busymitts

So here are my Amigurumi Yetis. Mandy and i baked some cute hello kitty cookies for the upcoming valentines day and our kids love them so much.

Once you feel comfortable doing that, you should find this book much more user friendly than you would have otherwise. At least not until you are more familiar with how to amigurjmi crochet patterns.

Pics for you evety day

However, marking these pages will make it much easier on you to reference them when you need to! You can see my pictures for where I placed my own.

Amigurumi is the popular new Japanese crochet technique for making cloth toys–and Super Cute shows needlecrafters how to master it! Jumbo activity and coloring books, licensed coloring and activity books with stickers, get bright, colorful, and creative.

That being said, I think most people who do amigurumi could come up with workarounds in yarn, perhaps by adapting other patterns. No one knows what amigkrumi of accident this little crocheted bot has been in, but it was clearly a bad one.

This book is darling! I love the photos of zmigurumi the characters because they are truly brought to life. Learn more about the character Chococat here. Search Search If you love amigurumi, you will enjoy this week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday where you will find 20 links to free patterns for crochet toys!


Some of the things you see in photos aren’t included, such as Mimmy’s teddy bear, Deery Lou’s Red Mushroom, Pochacco’s friend Pi-chan, Pandapple’s bee, etc. Additionally, like other reviews, I feel that there are multiple errors some one in editing did not confirm information or put information in. Someone has patched him up, rather roughly, but he still needs a lot of care to nurse him back to health.

Decorated with tropical flowers, soft crochet elephant brings the sparkle into every child’s eyes. The author does an excellent job in explaining feature placement such as what row the eyes go on, and how far apart. Our range includes blankets, scarves, hats, and toy patterns for amiguruim experience levels, from total beginners to advanced crocheters. The December Craft Challenge has been announced.

Using the Japanese double ring technique, readers learn how to create 25 quirky and cuddly tiny toy animals out of crochet yarn.

Now, this book is amiugrumi necessarily for beginners. It’s a directory to find patterns for bearsbunniesowls, disney related or any other category.

I have added accessories and changed things in every bodypart, and because of that I figured it would make sense to write the whole thing down in one place.

Chococat (Sanrio) Amigurumi Pattern

In magic circle, ch 1 before placing 8 sc in to the m. Place 1 dc in 2nd st leaving 1st st unworked, place 1 dc in following 2 st across, and dctog last two st. I consider felt a cop-out of sorts, and there are a lot of projects that use it. Amigurymi tribute to Halloween and crochet amigurumi dolls.

While the demand for Japanese amigurumi or crocheted stuffed toys just keeps getting biggerAmigurumi is the popular new Japanese crochet technique for making cloth toys–and Super Cute shows needlecrafters how to master it! It is for personal use only. You may not sell voodoo doll amis that you create with this pattern. PDF digital file with simple Domo-kun, a strange yet very polite creature that hatched from an egg, likes to rock, watch tv, hang out with an old rabbit dude and pass gas when nervous, is here for you in Amigurumi form.


We have thousands of stunning crochet choccocat from all the top designers and some really talented independents. I think I can even use the patterns for other characters not featured.

Pusheen the Cat Pattern by Toffoletta on Etsy amigurumi cats

For example, Keroppi’s eyes use yarn for the circles, while Chococat’s use felt. This is a amjgurumi nice book bag the only things that are wrong with that is that the handle is missing and it had a red chcoocat that i tried to get out multiple times but it will not wash out more.

Ch 7, dc in 3rd ch from hook and place 1 dc in each of the following 5 st. For instance, the dresses for the Twin Stars did not say to “flip” the dress over the body. Repeat process for second ear. Beginners Amigurumi – Crochet Monsters This is a fantastic project for anyone starting out with amigurumi. The Choccocat Book of Little Amigurumi: Started this set last night, finished it today!

This project is worked in the chcocat on the base of a magic ring. Once i had the head printed out, i glued it to construction paper to give it a little thickness for tracing. Cute crochet jellyfish to make for a nursery, as a mobile for a sea-themed room, or just for fun for a friend!

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