The Hortensius was a ‘protreptic’ dialogue written by Cicero. The protreptic was a genre of ancient philosophical literature that aimed to exhort the reader to the. One of the most extensive resources on the internet for the study of early Christianity. “Augustine on how he was influenced by reading Cicero’s Hortensius”. Hortensius or On Philosophy is a lost dialogue written by Marcus Tullius Cicero in the year 45 BC. The work had followed the conventional form of a protreptic.

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It altered my prayers, Lord, to be towards yourself. Philosophical works by Cicero.

Hortensius (Cicero)

If one reads Aristotle, a great effort of mind is required to undo his complexities. He later wrote in Confessions that it left a lasting impression on him and moved him to embrace philosophy. But while it was popular for a time, the Hortensius survived only until around the sixth century AD, after which it was lost.

Personal life Political career Writings. University of California Press, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Even so, he began to question deeply the meaning of evil and the power of sin.

The Hortensius was a protreptic dialogue that is “hortatory literature that calls the audience to a new and different way of life”based on Greek models. The Death of Caesar: University of California Publications in Classical Philology. Rabinowitz argued that the Hortensius was not based strictly on the Protrepticus but was rather written in the general hortatory and protreptic style then, as the philosopher and historian Anton-Hermann Chroust puts it, “much in vogue.


Hortensius | work by Cicero |

The influence of Cicero then pervaded in both the thought and Latin writing style of Augustine until the day he died. In the dialogue, Quintus Lutatius Catulus admires the art in Lucullus’ home, while Quintus Hortensius praises the skill behind the art.

The writings of Cicero hindered Augustine, and then helped him. I was on fire then, my God, I was on fire to leave created things behind and fly back to you, nor did I know what you would do with me; for with you is wisdom. This meeting takes place in Lucullus’ villa. Lucullus interjects and promotes attending lectures and studying history as better use hortensiue otium.

Catulus, for the same reasons, begins to laud literature, especially tragedy and comedy.

Salazar; Manfred Landfester; Francis G. Personally, Cicero had completed his divorce with Terentia in 51 BC.

IIIedited by C. In later describing that time of his life, Augustine said: In addition, using Bywater and Usener, the German philologist Hermann Alexander Diels found a fragment of Hortensius in the Soliloquies of Augustine connecting the section to a fragment of the Protrepticus in order to strengthen the argument that Cicero did depend upon Aristotle. In it, Plasberg provides a hypothesized order to the fragments, and supplies a Latin introduction and commentary.


Retrieved December 21, horteneius Catullus responds by reminding him of the boons philosophy grants.

The Philosophical Books of Cicero. A History and Reconstruction ] in French. Sheed, in the work, “Cicero attempts to persuade Quintus Hortensius Hortalus The American Journal of Philology. This, he contended, was additional proof that Cicero depended upon Aristotle.

Out of the four, Augustine preserved the largest portion of text, although the work is still considered lost. Letter Writing in Greco-Roman Antiquity. Cicero’s exhortation was the advice ‘not to study one particular sect but to love and seek and pursue and hold fast and strongly embrace wisdom itself, wherever found.

The Protreptics of Plato, Isocrates, and Aristotle. Ohrtensius using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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