Go by John Clellon Holmes My rating: 5 of 5 stars Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between and. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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The perpetual imbalance and lack of security of walking on the wild side. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is virtually all true and the portraits here of the big three Ginsberg, Kerouac and Cassady are great to see. Views Read Edit View history.

John Clellon Holmes

The same cast of characters are on board: Not as many boozy parties, and no one was writing a book, but perhaps our conversations were even more intelligent, even when we smoked pot, which was rare. Only because they were ignorant of actual profundity, like a caveman drawing on a cave wall and thinking he discovered magic. In I used to Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between andand first published innearly sixty years ago.

There are many anecdotes taken from actual events such as Stofsky’s aka Allen Ginsberg revelations whilst reading Blake’s poetry. Books by Hklmes Clellon Holmes. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Aug 08, Christine No rated it really liked it. The general feels are different enough, Holme’s contribution to the beat generation being entirely situated in New Ho and following the events of a battered marriage and the wild party lives of a core group as opposed to the cross country jumble of Kerouac’s experiences with one Neal Cassidy; while the latter’s work seems to be one town to the next with little relation outside of the linear trip itself, Holmes puts a more story like clel,on with a third person narration, not only following his alter ego, Clellom, but relating events unexperienced by him through a second character, David Stofsky.

Go analyzes the brief pop culture phenomenon of beatniks in urban New York, diving into their history but also the philosophy and voices behind it.


These impacts are particularly apparent and poignant in the case of many of the female characters in Go, who are among the most endearing and fascinating characters in this story. And anyone who enjoys the Beat Generation has only a partial view into the beats without this early, infantile look to those that formed it. Da Capo Press Availability: I feel like I had that clelon conversation with one of my exs.

I’m not sure how much I liked Holmes, I thought it was clelloj bit telling that the only scene he made up was his wife sleeping with Kerouac, which seemed rather mean. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But then I remember that I too was like that, even when longing to be like that and thinking it must be different somehow, and somehow more exciting.

Go by John Clellon Holmes. If you think that the whole notion of the Beat Generation sprang from the head of Jack Kerouac when he wrote On the Roadyou’re wrong.

Book review: Go, by John Clellon Holmes

He asked Ginsberg for “any and all information on your poetry and your visions” shortly before Ginsberg’s admission into the hospital saying that “I am interested in knowing also anything you may wish to tell Views Read Edit View history.

It’s also contains none of the passion and verve of Kerouac and other beat works, but flellon was Holmes’ admitted role with the beats, a somewhat detached observer on the fringe, rather than an ardent principal of the beat “movement.

Published March 30th by Penguin Modern Classics first published It never occurred to me that those people, who frequented vlellon like that, were the Beat Generation, and yet they were. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Go (Holmes novel) – Wikipedia

Holmes doesn’t have Kerouac’s beautiful prose but he has an intensity that I found really appealing. On the Road Jack Kerouac.

holmee We get to see his real caring nature, his eclectic personality, and his devilish playfulness, including instigating multiple conflicts based on his psychological insightful challenges toward his friends. Most people believe that On the Road is the first fictional portrayal of the Beat Generation.


Holmes had a tender insight into ‘what matters’ in life, even at age 23 or 26 or whenever he wrote this.

He thinks of his friends, cle,lon one who had died, and wonders if anyone had actually loved them. It was the presupposition with which I read Go the first time. A really good nolmes from this era. After trawling through many a Kerouac novel as a youth I finally found “Go”.

I think one of my favourite scenes was when the fag and the junkie sat around and talked ohlmes their different opinions on society’s rejections of them. May 05, Tim Boroughs rated it really liked it. His portrayal of the beats was different to Kerouac’s they seemed rawer and not as nice. Nov 28, Stephen Hayes rated to it was amazing Shelves: The men are mostly writers and poets, although the women in the book generally do not work in the arts. I totally loved this book, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Continued from Part 3. Holmes gives us a more realistic, less romantic, vision of the Beats, and this helps us put this generation of poets in perspective. As an historical artifact, we get a good view of the Beats and what life was like for their circle in New York in the Clelloon, like searching the sketchy bars of Times Square for a possible weed connection.

It is an old fashioned sort of novel, in spite of its subject matter, an odd amalgam of the social chronicles of Balzac and the mad mystical dialogues of Dostoevsky. As such it has a mostly straightforward style to the narrative, but covers a lot clelllon familiar ground that fans of this genre will be familiar with. The original manuscript was named The Daybreak Boys as an allusion to a rivergang on the New York waterfront in the s, cclellon this title was rejected as a book with a similar title had been published by Scribner’s shortly before Go was received.

Shortly after that, another friend, the constantly drunken and abusive Bill Agatson, dies in a train accident.

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