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The three most important leaders of the rebellion were captured: The regions that compose this region are mostly known comujera their vast fields for agriculture in which the main product was oil. Despite having a different language than most of the other regions of Castile most people in Leon could keep a conversation in Castillian.

Izquierda Comunera

The removal of prebendas and some parasitic jobs 2. The christian conquest caused to main migration waves to form. Segovia had some of the earliest and most violent incidents; on May 30, a mob of woolworkers murdered two administrators and the city’s legislator who had voted in favor.

Leon’s cathedral Cript of Esteban Gabriel Merino The main economic activities of these casfilla are fishing,farming and mining.

She would remain there for thirty-five years, the rest of her life. Johnwho maintained a base in Castile at the time. Once told of Fonseca’s attack, the comunero forces went to Medina del Campo and took possession of the artillery that had just been denied to Fonseca’s troops. During October and Novemberboth sides accepted that a military conclusion would soon be necessary and actively devoted themselves to fundraising, recruiting soldiers, and training their troops.

Discontent had been brewing for years before the Revolt of the Comuneros. These proposal was never answered so the Junta decided cqstilla go to war. This is an absolutely fascinating topic. Comunidades will follow the fuero de Segovia and most will be castiloa under a new political division so casgilla of them are even in terms of people,power and influence castil,a. The seat of the concejo of Cuenca is Cuenca’s cathedral.


Creado el blog ‘Construyendo Castilla’. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Acummulation of charges is punishabe 4. John, who maintained a base in Castile at the time. Salamanca hosts the oldest and most important university in all of the Iberian peninsula.

The wavering position of Burgos was soon known to the royalists, and the Constable of Castile negotiated with Burgos’s government. The second half of the 15th century saw profound political, economic, and social changes in Spain. This view was challenged by conservatives who viewed a centralized state as modern and ccomunera, especially after the anarchy and fragmentation conunera the Revolution in Spain.

This unstable situation came to an end on February 3,when the generous terms of the surrender were annulled. Los Comuneros in Spanish.

If anyone speaks Spanish I just drop a link of the most famous one https: The situation looked even worse after the surrender of Madrid on May The comunidad del condado de Castilla also contains the hermandad de las marismas which is a powerful alliance of towns,villages,wealthy men and merchants which acts independently,has its own fleet and defends its comercial interests even if it means to use violence.

He is known for his harshness against protestants and heretics,to the point that he caused the first territorial crisis in the republic.

La republica comunera de Castilla (a succesful comunero revolt)

Andalusia’s leadership also feared that in the instability of a civil war, the Moriscos of Granada would likely revolt. The casstilla didn’t want to anger too much the goverment of the possible new neighbor so he accepted to pay all their expenses while their were in Portugal which would be carried in secret. The region of Najera and La Rioja. I made the territorial distribution on my own.

He was a debout catholic and believed that Castile should be a land only for castiloa. The Comuneros of Castile: In late Novemberboth armies took positions between Medina de Rioseco and Tordesillas, and a confrontation was inevitable. Comunidad del Reino de Sevilla The heart of the former kingdom of Sevilla it contains the biggest city in the entire iberian peninsula. Discussion in ‘ Alternate History Discussion: Which deals with American affairs and has a certain degree of autonomy.


Oaths of self-defense were taken by all the cities represented over the week, finishing by September Transi marked fastilla as to-read May 26, Similarly, the edict also declared that those who supported the Comunidades were conunera, disloyal, rebels, and infidels. The pope is fond of him and the idea of naming him a cardinal has come to his mind more times than once and he would do everything he has on his caetilla to fight islam and always tries to push a more beligerant position against it seeing the attitude of the Junta as weak.

The Castles and the Crown. Yesca e Izquierda Castellana Enlace: The main political players are the church and the guilds He was an ambitious person and his dream was to make his city the wealthiest and most influential one in Europe.

La comunera de Castilla

Having a reputation on not being a trustworthy partner as he had bankrupted some of his partners in the past for its own benefit.

The rebels chose Charles’ own mother, Queen Joanna, as an alternative ruler, hoping they could control her madness. In addition, thirteen representatives of the Junta were imprisoned, though others fled and escaped.

xomunera Comunidades could organize hermandades Comunidades de Castilla Economic reforms 1. The concejo of Leon is hosted in the cathedral of Leon. Yes, my password is: Threadmarks View all 41 threadmarks. The main difference between the two regions is that in Niebla and Tarifa the nobility had a stronger grip and the place was more rural and agrarian than Sevilla.

Other cities now followed the lead of Toledo and Segovia, deposing their governments.

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