PDF | This paper explores the Foumban Talks, the framework Foumban Constitutional conference had divergent prior intentions of the. What has received scant attention until this writing is the real purpose for which the Foumban Conference was convened. The Foumban. These negotiations were concluded at the Foumban Conference in July The general view after the conference was that the delegation.

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In ce original federal structure that post-colonial unification was based on was abrogated. Decisions of the Foumban Conference. I need an in dept ….

Anglophone problem

Email required Address never made public. They want an end to annexation and assimilation and more respect from the government for their language and political philosophies. Views Read Edit View history. Conferwnce me of new comments via email. The general view after the conference was that the delegation from the Cameroun Republic, accompanied by French advisers, got virtually everything they wanted.

Decisions of the Foumban Conference –

Anglophones have long complained that their language and culture are marginalised. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: At the Foumban conference, Ahidjo presented delegates with a draft constitution. Join us in WhatsApp. The root of the Anglophone problem in Cameroon can be traced back to the Foumban Conference of that united the two territories, with different colonial legacies, into one state. Book of the day. Many of their members — some of whom were engaged in discussions with the government — were arrested and jailed on charges of terrorism and attempts to change the form of the state.


The president of the National Assembly became the constitutional successor of the president. The government also shut down internet and other communication services in Anglophone regions to stop people sharing information and organising. Retrieved from ” https: Failing this, the African Union or the UN — or both — should initiate dialogue. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: There was to conferencw two autonomous federated states each headed by a prime minister.

In October lawyers went on a strike in an effort to force the government to stop appointing Francophone magistrates who spoke no English and had no training in common law to preside over courts in the Anglophone regions. Journal of Contemporary African Studies.

Should I kill spiders in my home? The Federal states of West Cameroon and east Cameroon were abolished and Cameroon was divided into 7 provinces. Write an article and join a growing community of more than 77, academics and researchers from 2, institutions. The Anglophone Problemas it is commonly referred to in Cameroonis a socio-political issue rooted in Cameroon’s colonial legacies from the GermansBritishand the French.

This is based on the fact that these two regions formally British Southern Cameroons were controlled by Britain as a mandated and trust territory of the League of Nations and the United Nations respectively. These negotiations were concluded at the Foumban Conference in July So they elected to conerence in a new federation with Cameroun Republic.

History explains why Cameroon is at war with itself over language and culture

The country became Cameroon and the English-speaking region was assimilated into the French-speaking area. Opponents of federation include the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As of [update]the Anglophone problem is still on-going. It is worth nothing that most British Southern Cameroonians welcomed the Founban Conference with mixed feelings.


Since then Anglophones have pushed for autonomy. Some groups such as the Southern Cameroon Ambazonia United Front SCACUF are using diplomatic means in an attempt to gain independence for the Anglophone regions, [16] whereas other groups have begun to employ armed confrontation with artisan weapons against the deployed gendarmes and soldiers in those regions.

Advocates of Federation want a return to the constitution agreed upon in the Foumban Conference that acknowledges the history and culture of the two regions while giving equal power to the two.

Fanso goumban not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Federation advocates include the instrumental Consortium of the leaders of three Cameroon-based trade unions: He also ordered the release of some strike leaders and scrapped the charges against them.

Unitarianism do not want Federation or Separation, but fojmban a decentralized unitary government; whereas, now the government is highly centralized in power.

Foumban Conference, the Birthplace of Reunification.

Historical Dictionary of the British Empire. It was supposed to be a partnership of equals, a notion reinforced by bilateral negotiations that had started before the vote. A study of the politics of recognition and representation in Cameroon.

Last modified: January 18, 2020