CROSSWAY BOOKS BY D. A. CARSON. For the Love of God, Volumes 1 and 2. Letters Along the Way (co-author, John D. Woodbridge). The Difficult Doctrine of . The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D.A. Carson is just a short book (96 pages) that is drawn from four lectures he delivered in The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God has ratings and reviews. Demetrius said: Carson shows that the word ‘love’ has semantic range, but I.

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But the love of God?

It makes for an easy read, despite some deep theology. But, we are Jesus’ friends if we do what he commands!

I will definitely be looking for othe Dr. His ideas here could be extended with some synthesis of the doctrine of union with Christ. Worthy for a quick read, a re-reading A short book that is long on challenging doctrinal thoughts and clarifications on the love of God.

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God – Tim Challies

A helpful and thought-provoking analysis of the part love plays in God’s character, Carson’s careful exegesis and insight provide food for thought in a context where the love of God is taken for granted, set in opposition to any idea of wrath, and caricatured easily. An excellent book on the love of God.

Nov 13, Brient P rated it really liked it. Well, Foreigner, if you want to know what love really is then you need to look at God because God is Love. Some Concluding Synthetic Reflections In this section Carson tackles objections that the label “the Son” is rightly attached only to the incarnate Word, not the word in pre-incarnate glory, and, hence, Carson’s exegesis in B does not select for sense 1 see ch.


But they are passions. We read of its horrors. All that he does he chooses to do. Made John 5 come alive for me in new ways. The Trinity is a difficult doctrine to understand, impossible even. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

7 Free Books by D.A. Carson (PDF) – Kirk Miller Blog

Well yes and no. That said, it is a book any thoughtful Christian would benefit from. An edited form of four sessions which he presented during the W. The provid We tend to oversimplify and to sentimentalize the love of God. Isn’t God love, and doesn’t God love us all. To me, one of the loev of a great book is that it will affect the way that you study Scripture on a given topic.

What is this book about? I thoroughly recommend The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God to anyone who wants to understand God more, so that you can love God more. May more and more people attain to the Scriptural view of the difficult doctrine of the love of God, well-expressed in this book by D. The book is short, 97 pages.


For another example, God hates sin, meaning God never changes in his hatred for sin. May 15, Blake rated it really liked it.

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

But in the NT God’s wrath is brought forward in time and administered to Jesus. Unpacked, an infinite God has established a relationship with finite beings. Those pieces also made it easier for me to understand the concepts. His holiness, His sovereignty, His wrath are often o as being incompatible with a “loving” God.

Feb 11, Jeremiah Whiteman rated dd.a.carson really liked it. The Bible describes God’s love in five different facets. Chapter 3 Carson tries to establish three points in this chapter. His book is not a difficult read, but is definitely recommended for its great off, careful thought, and for its implications upon multiple areas of theology and life. Christianity is not just a faith for the intellectuals, and we even see this in the biblical account where scoffers laugh at Paul when he speaks on the Rock of Ares the Aeropagus, or Mars Hill in Athens.

dkfficult Kindle Deals for Christians. In doing away with trivialities and cliches, this work gets to the heart of this all-important doctrine from an unflinching evangelical perspective.

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