About: Before Spielberg’s go-to writer David Koepp wrote Crystal Skull, super screenwriter Frank Darabont worked on a draft of the script. Our final lost Indy script involves The City of the Gods. Darabont turned in three versions of his screenplay, culminating in ‘s Indiana. An alternate version of the script, possibly written by Frank Darabont, was (briefly) posted on the Internet.

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It amazes me that people downvote this opinion, but it amazes me even more that there’s at least one person out there that actually liked that film. I thought the heart of the story was Indiana Jones winning back Marion.

The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods | Mental Floss

To those of you saying that is script is just as bad remember all the aspects of the story you don’t like: This really was the best “new Indy” experience I’ve had since the 4th installment news first kicked off.

When I read that I immediately thought the same. That is why it is different. I dunno, I can see sort of why Temple of Doom was the weakest of the original Indy trilogy but I loved it growing up.

It flies in the face of the reality Indiana Jones lives in, that was established with 3 previous films. It’s been 20 years since Indiana Jones was in his prime.

Some might complain that people are just nitpicky, but the truth is, when you’re dealing with the suspension of disbelief, everything else is on the line. TBH, it would have been about the same as what we got.


That mythos can be described broadly as magical icons from ancient civilizations, which fit nicely with Dr.

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This script could be better or worse, who knows? We call that a climax in this business. That doesn’t mean you could throw any sci-fi or fantasy idea into it and it would be ok just because it’s “no less ridiculous”. Indy had dcript kid So what’s the biggest difference between the two versions? So why draabont aliens, especially since they moved the story to the sci-fi 50s?

Many of the set pieces were dictated by Lucas and can be found in other Indy IV scripts, including some that made it into the final film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The nuking the fridge for example is no stupider than Indy falling out of a plane on an inflatable boat and Mutt is no less annoying than Shorty.

For the vast majority darbaont people, religion is not a big buy. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

You’re right, considering all of the other shit Indy has gone through, it does fit. It all just wears it down with goofy antics. Another to be the deadliest creature alive. Swept up in the moment, everyone said yes.

Same basic picture to be painted there. A lot of things were just off, from the story to some of the characters and dialogue and some scenes. Read it, now I’m sad fuck that’s a good script. Also I completely understand liking Crusade over Crystal, but for the life of me I can’t understand it getting ranked as much worse than Temple.

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Starting with this as the foundation means that the story was basically dead on inry. Why in the world would you choose to go with some convoluted multi-dimensional alien crap when you have the perfect and real mythical location just sitting there.

A return to Raiders and the Ark would have been fun, and could have easily integrated the Cold War hysteria. Not even the aliens.

Darabont turned in three versions of his screenplay, culminating in ‘s Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods. When you were in the dream cloud, what did you see? The Lucas and Spielberg could have their nuclear bomb moment, where Indy has to break free, he kills a few Russians, gets on a truck in the Warehouse, a big chase happens, Indy barely makes out alive defeating the Russians, and the bomb inyd off in the kndy and the shockwave just barely hits him as he gets outs and watches the inddy in all it’s glory.

That’s why I was surprised about all the Internet vehemence against 4; sure, 1 and 3 were great, but 2 was crappy. A rubber tree that supports a car?

But the four biggest differences in this draft also double as the four best: Everyone seems to be looking at the original trilogy through nostalgia glasses if they think 4 was of a worse quality than the other three.

Scrip, trope-ish writing, though. The nuclear explosion that follows wipes the City of the Gods off the map for good.

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