You might try on line by using Google – Protax. If you can get a main site for that company perhaps you can get download as the Canon. Tashika DCT 5MP (12MP Interpolated) 4x Digital Zoom Camera w/Wide Angle Lens, ” LCD & Case Secure Digital expansion card slot (supports 2G. 12 products offers 12 dct digital camera products. Cable Hand Strap Wide- angle lens Pouch Quick Start Guide: E / SC User Manual: E / SC.

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The on-screen menu controls the Mitsuba DCT uses are the easiest to navigate of any digital camera I have ever used, making the Mitsuba DCT ideal for a newbie looking for a first digital camera. February 10th Reviewer: This is more ec500t than it sounds because the Mitsuba DCT default start up mode is no flash.

You May Also Like. With its long battery life and easy-to-use menus, the Mitsuba DCT would be perfect for him. More Wholesale Digital Cameras Resources wholesale 2. The Mitsuba digital camera arrived safely, packed surrounded by several air-pillows. Yes, some of this can be corrected mnual camera with the Exposure Value, and more still can be done post processing mznual photo editing software, but things shouldn’t have been this dark to begin with.

Try as I might I couldn’t get the flash to work while shooting video. Besides, for the screen size of the pentax cameras, I know you care about this, we have various sizes too. Even though it is winter here, it probably is not cd500t a coat pocket camera unless you have really big pockets.

The Mitsuba DCT has a 2.

I need a user manual for a Protax DC500T Digital Camera!?

I was initially very excited about this but Mitsuba has for some unknown reason handicapped its usage: With a little more attention to details less clunky viewfinder, faster shots, slightly better feature mannual the Mitsuba DCT 5MP Digital Camera could have been a contender, it could have been somebody.

Videos taken outdoors are not of bad quality for a budget digital camera, superior to any cell phone movies I have taken; although with the low fps of the clips there was some scene tearing if the camera was moved too quickly.


Come to our shop and find what you need. Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Russia. We have many kinds manjal slr cameras here and you can definitely find the exact cheap dslr cameras you need. You could leave your quality digital camera at home unharmed. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Does it has good result. The flash has mwnual be deployed or it blocks access to the viewfinder. In fact, I can’t find ANY digital cameras on their website at all.

The Mitsuba DCT has a straight through optical viewfinder similar to the ones found on much higher end digital cameras. You either better have a rock steady shooting hand or plan on frequently using a tripod or some other sort of shooting brace for optimal results.

Readers already owning any reasonably modern digital camera will likely find the lack of sophistication here quite stifling, quickly relegating the Mitsuba DCT to the role of a beater or possibly a backup, should something happen to their primary digital camera.

PROTAX DC500T 2.4″ TFT 12.0 Mega Pixels Digital Camera, Video Camcorder,Protax DC500T

My father, for example, recently retired and he has been looking to get a digital maanual to see what all the fuss is about. Answer Questions When I put pictures on my sd to view them in my camera it says there are none?

That is plain unacceptable. Neither of my Sony “Prosumer” digital cameras comes close to those results in battery life. That isn’t to say, though, that it is entirely worthless and that nobody should bother with it.

Needless to say, don’t plan on shooting any sporting events with this camera. The camera boasts a huge 4x digital zoom that allows you to generously magnify your images and a huge 12MP maximum via interpolation.

Indoor picture quality is poor, the flash is weak, and even with the Exposure Value set to max, overhead fluorescent lighting, and some further post-shot tweaking in Photoshop Elements I struggled to obtain photos that weren’t too dark.


Can I load 35mm film into a film camera? Looking to upgrade my canon kit lens for video such as weddings and a marching band documentary. Slightly less troubling is the 4X Digital Zoom prominently plastered several places on the box, again seemingly labeled hoping to confuse users who don’t know the difference between Optical and Digital Zoom, the former of which is entirely missing dc5500t the DCT.

PROTAX DCT Camcorder Camera –

Please give us your feedback about this page Click Here. Once charged the battery of the Mitsuba DCT is good for about shots with the flash on, after which time the Mitsuba DCT will fail to iser the flash but still take roughly another 35 flashless pictures before turning itself off. This is a nice extra touch I haven’t seen in other digital cameras before.

We’ve selected the bestselling items in this category just for you! The Mitsuba digital camera itself was in an attractive retail, high gloss box, xc500t with lots of useful and some not so useful information see below. For anyone who has a high quality digital camera and frequently takes it places where they are worried it might be damaged, the Mitsuba DCT would be a perfect beater for that situation as well. As usual, today’s review item is provided by Geeksour main site sponsor.

Overall the picture quality is not good enough IMO to warrant printing out any of the pictures I took, but would be fine for attaching in an email or posting to your favorite social networking site.

Video resolutions are x, and x, video format is.

Most of this simplicity, though, comes from the almost complete lack of advanced features present on most other current digital cameras.

Last modified: January 17, 2020