Weight. kg (= oz / pounds) (= 0 oz / 0 pounds). Price The Dell Latitude D is a small and compact notebook. Dell Latitude D specifications: Laptop, Intel Core Duo U, 1 GB, 12 inch, x, 60 GB. Dell’s smallest business notebook, the Latitude D manages to combine decent specifications with a convenient form factor, even if it’s not all.

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The display scores high regarding its resolution and its non-reflecting surface.

Dell Latitude D review – Engadget

Powered USB separates the energy supply from the data transfer. The small screen at that resolution makes for some potentially hard-to-read text, but we didn’t have any trouble with basic Web surfing or word processing.

Intel Core Solo U, U 1.

The Dell Latitude D is a small and mobile secondary notebookwhich mainly convinces by its high-quality and robustbut yet especially light case. Only the size of the F-keys and the cursor keys were reduced. The U Core Duo processors combines good performance and low energy demand.

Only under load the fan gets apparent to specss user. Dell Speccs front profile view view large image Initially the D will be available from Dell. I like the D keyboard, pointing stick and touchpad a lot. Nevertheless, Dell eventually took care of all of the issues that cropped with my order, although the experience varied greatly depending on which service representative handled the case.

It isn’t bad, exactly, but also doesn’t do anything particularly well. Compared to the ThinkPad X60s ultraportable that adopted a 2. At a clock rate of 1. Moreover, the lid seems well reinforced, with pressure on the back of the lid not causing the LCD screen to become distorted on the other side.

As a machine designed for business use, the D provides only a single speaker in the upper left corner that provides expectedly underwhelming sound with poor overall clarity. The latter will rise to Security As would be expected of a business notebook, Dell offers several key security features for those that would need them. A special plus is that the D is prepared for mobile broadband Internet.


But with an ultraportable designers have to make compromises on fitting things where they can. A notch above expectation. While the noise emissions are low, the notebook clearly gets warmer. Moreover, the lack of hardware-accelerated H. Compared to the equipment of competitor notebooks, the weak hardware equipment of this notebook gets apparent.

The charcoal grey and silver accent look really is great. However, the keyboard does not only score regarding its size, also typing feels alright.

I also purchased the Dell D via Dell.

Even the keyboard is alright for a 12 inch notebook. A charcoal grey case, with dark accents and sturdy magnesium alloy build. Interestingly Dell offers a built-in ambient light sensor, although this feature has not proven useful or even accurate in limited e420.

In practice, the D has far more in common with the X1 than its direct predecessor, the D Its top-level spes, wireless options and battery life can help you stay fully productive on the road, in meetings and wherever you do business.

Review Dell Latitude D420 Notebook

It’s main usage is rather for simple audio warnings. What makes this solution so interesting is that it can be used even when the notebook is powered off, making searching for networks that much easier when roaming about. Despite the overall compact feel of the Latitude D, Dell manages to cram a full-size keyboard into the case, leaving no oddly placed or hard-to-hit small keys. While the DV itself was relatively compact and portable, the extra weight from its accompanying AC adapter as well 4d20 a messenger bag resulted in a burdensome carry-weight of at least 10 lbs a manageable sum, but nevertheless a tiresome burden at the end of the day.


Dell Latitude 10 Hands-on Posted Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while using it.

Right side view of ports on the D Even despite the cons, there are more than enough pros to tip the scales in the opposite direction: The D even has an enter key which extends over two rows. Ddell Light-weight design starting at 3. While the usefulness of this feature is up for debate, it is certainly a welcome addition. Visit our network of sites: Loudness The emitted noises of the Dell Latitude D are pleasingly within reasonable ranges.

The D can be as light as 3. The keyboard is full size and there is an integrated pointing stick. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. Really nice post, you got great blog and Thank you for sharing This excellently written content.

Dell Latitude D420 Released (pics, specs)

Screen The D comes standard with a Back to the workmanship: The D with the recognizable decent form and color design is representative for the Dell Inspiron business line. In this review the main dekl is David Dobolyi, comments by Andrew Baxter who owns the precisely same configured D are in blue.

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Video output is limited to a basic VGA connection. Dell Latitude D is compact and yet manages to dd420 in a full sized keyboard in to its case and there are not hard to hit or oddly placed chiclet buttons.

Power adapter for D

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