User Guide EFT Wireless Series INGENICO avenue Charles de Gaulle Power travel adapter (When no base) Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva Manuel d installation Installation manual Part. EFT Mobile GPRS Terminal Quick Reference Guide 0 Send Mobile GPRS .. Linksys Gateway SPASU Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur Table of . Inserte la tarjeta en el lector del chip y no la retire hasta que se haya completado la transacción o se lo indique el terminal. Si hay problemas de lectura del chip.

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Use of the terminal Adjusting contrast Reading card Switching off the terminal Installing the terminal on the base 8 4. This symbol indicates a piece of Advice. Introduction We hope that you will be fully satisfied with your new terminal EFT This terminal comes in different models: Please read this guide to understand and make the best use of your terminal.

User Manual Spire Payments SP Family – PDF

It presents you the necessary information about use, installation, maintenance, safety and security recommendations.

Maintenance should only be provided by Ingenico authorized technician. Failure to comply with these instructions will void the manufacturer s responsibility. Content of the box A user guide A power supply unit that connects the power supply to the electric network A telephone cable With base modem A battery pack disconnected Power travel adapter When no base Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll A base receiving the unit if no power travel adapter WARNING The power supply unit provided with your equipment is specially designed for Ingenico terminals.

Do not use any other power supply. It must be re-used whenever the terminal is shipped. Keyboard details and functionality This chapter describes the key functions of a terminal with no specific application.

Some keys can have other functions according to the applications that are in the terminal. The navigation keys navigate in the terminal menus The function key accesses the different application menus The red key cancels the procedure in progress The yellow key cancels the last character The arrow key advances the paper a few centimetres It is also used to switch on the terminal The green key validates input selections and information 3.

Use of the terminal ADVICE Before to use the terminal, always check if the roll of paper is present Adjusting contrast If you wish to increase or to decrease the contrast of the manueo displayed on screen, press simultaneously and in order to decrease the contrast, or and in order to increase the contrast.

Keep pressing the keys as long as necessary.

Reading card Magnetic stripe card The card can be read either from bottom to top or from top to bottom, with the stripe facing the terminal. Use a regular movement in order to ensure a reliable card reading. Smart card 1 st card reader: Insert the card up side down, magnetic stripe visible.

Optional Warning Switch off the terminal before opening the cover. Contactless if available on your terminal Bring the card firmly up to the active zone.

User Manual Spire Payments SP Family

Keep the card close to the reader during the transaction Green leds The 4 green LEDs indicate that the transaction is completed. Switching off the terminal If the battery is empty and the terminal in use is removed from its base, the terminal automatically shuts off.

It may also be forced stopped by pressing simultaneously and yellow key for one second. In order to restart the terminal, press on the keyboard. For EFT colour and contactless terminals, press on the keyboard until: Using the modem base Once installed, the base modem is designed to always be plugged into the mains network and be connected to a telephone line. The telephone line should not be shared. The portable may be manjel back on its base after each transaction.


It must be placed on its base in the following cases: When telephone network is used for: Recommendations Location of the terminal Place the base on flat surface near an electric socket and a telephone socket.

The terminal should be placed far from any very hot zones, protected from vibrations, dust, damp and electromagnetic radiation computer screen, anti-theft barrier etc.

The connector modules security SAM are located inside the terminal, in a closed compartment. Turn the terminal and unclip the top cover flap by pushing on the clips with your nails as shown with the arrows on the picture SAM1 and SAM2 are indentified by the engraved marks on the lower housing When introducing a SAM in its slot, be sure to put the cut corner as indicated on the picture Close the cover flap TIP Use a piece of adhesive tape to grip the SAM for easier and faster removal.

Switch off the terminal before opening the cover. Open the lower cover flap as indicated with the arrows on the picture Insert the MMC or a SD Memory Card into the connector slot shown by the arrow on the figure. Ingenico terminal features an easy loading printer, for easy paper mmanuel replacement.

Use only paper approved by Ingenico diameter 40 mm. The use of non approved paper is likely to damage the printer of your terminal Installing paper roll Open the paper compartment by lifting the catch located at the rear of the EFT and pull the cover to the rear of the terminal. Turn your terminal and unclip the cover eft9300s battery by pushing on the clips with your nails as shown on the picture Disengage the cover Take the battery pack included in the box Locate the battery pack connector fool proofing and the board connector located under the battery compartment Plug the battery pack connector on the board according to the connector eft903s system and the red wire as shown on figure.

Verify that it locks Place the battery pack in its compartment Close the battery compartment cover flap Red wire Charging the battery When does the battery need to be charged? On initial start up, charge the battery for 16 hours under the environmental conditions stated above When used daily, the terminal recharges its batteries each time it is placed on its base. The environment in which the charge takes place influences battery lifetime and autonomy number of transactions out of base The optimal conditions are as follows: There is danger of explosion if battery used is not approved by Ingenico.

Remove the portable ,anuel its base Turn it off mamuel pressing simultaneously and yellow key for about one second Remove the cover of the battery housing see section installing battery Lift the battery and remove it from its compartment Carefully disconnect battery, following the instructions below. Release traction on it as soon as the connector comes unclipped b Finish extracting connector by tilting it slightly Ett930s arrow to bring it away from the terminal housing Inform the terminal that its battery has been changed.

Do so by starting the terminal without battery and fitting it on its base Connect and install the new battery by following the instructions in section Installing battery Close the battery cover flap and charge the battery.

It will then correctly perform with the next battery. Connect the power supply unit F to the base socket H.

Connect the power supply unit F to the main network socket E. Connect telephone plug C equipped if necessary with user country specific telephone maniel, to the telephone network D. Connect the other end of the wire to the base socket G.

Connect the mains power supply wire to the egt930s socket H. If necessary, connect the telephone A. Telephone A is not required for the terminal to operate. Connect power supply block F to the mains electrical socket E.

Since these links are Eftt930s Extra Low Voltage circuits, they must be interconnected to units which have interfaces powered by the same type of circuits. Turn off the terminal prior to connecting the base to the appropriate network. Connect telephone plug C, possibly in conjunction with a closing relay satisfying the standards applicable in the country of use, to the telephone network D.


Connect the other end of the cable to socket G on mnauel base. If present, connect telephone A the presence of telephone A is not required for the terminal to function France: Safety Upon receipt of your terminal you should check for signs of tampering of the equipment.

It is strongly advised that these checks are performed regularly after receipt. You wft930s check, mznuel example: Such checks would provide warning of any unauthorised modifications to your terminal, and other suspicious behaviour of individuals that have access to your terminal.

Your terminal detects any tampered state. In this state the terminal will repeatedly flash the message Alert Irruption! If you observe the Alert Irruption! You are strongly advised to ensure that privileged access to your terminal is efh930s granted to staff that have been independently verified as being trustworthy. Customers should be advised to ensure that they are not being overlooked when entering their PIN Code. Powering down the EFT base: Disconnect the EFT power supply block adapter the electrical mains network.

Lithium battery The EFT is fitted with a lithium battery which can only be accessed and serviced by a qualified technician. The EFT is fitted with battery specially designed for this terminal. Only use the appropriate chargers and batteries listed in the Ingenico s catalogue. Do not short-circuit the battery. Do not attempt to open the battery case as its components cannot be modified.

Used batteries etf930s be disposed of at the appropriates sites. The lifespan depends on: Features Cycle number of charge and discharge Use temperature The order of optimal conditions of terminal use is 3 years. Warning There is a risk of explosion if maneul battery is incorrectly replaced. Never place the battery next to a warmth source or into the fire.

Must be installed near the equipment and easily accessible; Must meet standards and regulations in the country where used; For type A plug, the protection of the installation must be set to 20 A. Telephone network The phone jack mqnuel comply with standards and regulations in the country where used.

Ingenico Group – Smart Terminals – User Guides

On airplanes Your handset must be switched off by removing the battery pack. Remove the battery from the terminal when on an airplane. Explosion areas Certain regulations restrict the use of radio equipment in chemical plants, fuel depots and any site where blasting is carried out. You are urged to comply with these regulations.

The terminal shall be protected by a specially fitted and certified cover enabling use in proximity to a fuel pump. Electronic health appliances Your handset is a radio transmitter which may interfere with health appliances, such as hearing aids, pacemaker, hospital equipment, etc. Your doctor or the equipment manufacturer will be able to provide you with appropriate advice Telephone call You have an urgent call to make while the EFT is occupying the line.

In order to get a dial tone: Place the handset in the hang up position and: You hear a dial tone within 6 seconds. The protection of the health and the safety of the user and any other person. The protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility. Therefore, it is subjected to the WEEE directive which requires the collection and the recycling at the end of ,anuel product.

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