This article purports to cast new light on the sources of inspiration for Julio Cortázar’s pivotal story ‘El perseguidor’. In particular, it aims to. El perseguidor: Julio Cortázar: The main character of “El perseguidor” (“The Pursuer”), one of the stories in Las armas secretas, embodies many of the traits of . Brenes Reyes, p. 1 Improvisation and Writing: Julio Cortázar’s ‘El Perseguidor’ and the Pursuit for Freedom Jaime R. Brenes Reyes In the words of Argentine.

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Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Improvisation, in the content of the story, as writing technique, and the impact upon the reader, has important consequences to understand reality and open doors for the liberation of the creative process.

By then I was fully aware of the dangerous perfection of the storyteller who reaches a certain level of achievement and stays on that same level forever, without moving on, I was a bit sick and tired of seeing how well my stories turned out.

He helps Johnny, in part, in order to make sure that his biography is successful, and he tries to keep Johnny off of drugs, in clrtazar, so that Johnny will remain famous for his music and not for his incredibly complex psychology, which Bruno’s biography completely omits. In his writing the rhythm transmits a tension within the text that places the reader outside of his daily environment. Trudell is a freelance writer with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Johnny, after a moment, is ready to let the discussion of Bruno’s book pass, but Bruno cannot let it go at cortazra.

Although Bruno has a tendency to dismiss Johnny’s discussions of time after he is finished talking with him, these speculations are central to “The Pursuer.

Tica goes over to deal with Johnny while Bruno flirts with Baby and finds out from two musicians in Johnny’s new group that Johnny is “barely able to play anything.

The Pursuer

As Sommer notes her article in “Pursuing a Perfect Present,” “The Pursuer” constantly draws attention perseguidorr its departure from typical past tense narrative by using a “clumsy,” “redundant,” and “anxious present perfect tense.

As Johnny tells Bruno, “what you forgot to put in is me. During his climactic discussion with Bruno near the end of the story, Johnny refers to playing with Davis when “the door open[ed] a little bit,” and he found, or nearly found, what he was looking for. Tica, Johnny, and Baby Lennox all move back to New York soon after this, and Bruno decides not to confuse his audience by making any changes to the second edition of Johnny’s biography.


Since then she has given him money, sometimes slept with him, shot up heroin with him, and used her unique ability to calm him down and provide comfort when he has needed it. Incapable of satisfying itself, useful as a continual spur, an infinite construction, the pleasure of which is not its highest pinnacle but in the exploratory repetitions, in the use of faculties which leave the suddenly human behind without losing humanity.

Dixieland jazz and swing musicians such as Armstrong were so popular among whites, and made such an effort to please their white critics, that they developed a reputation among some black musicians as “Uncle Toms”—a label from Harriet Beecher Stowe ‘s novel Uncle Tom perdeguidor Cabin that was used to describe servile or accommodating blacks.

El perseguidor | work by Cortázar |

Bruno then receives a telegram from Baby Lennox saying that Johnny has died. In describing the effect of Johnny’s music on him, Bruno perseguiror, “he played like I imagine only a god can play an alto sax, given that they quit using lyres and flutes. Johnny says he liked it but there are things missing. Bruno is able, again and again, to translate Johnny’s speech, which often borders on nonsense, back into comprehensible language.

It is a problem that every writer who works with true characters, with the crazily unpredictable winds and sparks of real life, should have. Later, Johnny refers to the “holes” in his hands, an image which evokes the stigmata of Christ, whose hands were nailed to the cross. While modernist writings tend to stress the unity of the work of art and frequently employ allegorical representation, postmodernist texts often call cortazzr question the very possibility of representation and highlight metaphysical problems, or problems that relate to the “nature of reality.

If anything, he was protecting Johnny. The layers between the outside observer and the inner reality and the distinct reading experience involved in sifting through these layers in order to find meaning are the chief innovations of “The Pursuer.

Her death is quite a blow to Johnny, who later says about his music: The capitalist individual moves according to the clock and due dates, as in the case of Bruno, the jazz critic writing for the newspaper. Also, Bruno is one of the people who is always taking care of Johnny and giving him what he needs. Mirrors give faithful reflections. Johnny’s youngest daughter persegidor Lan, Bee dies of pneumonia in Chicago. But he became associated with an international elite, and he never actually lived in Argentina after his departure for Paris in He explains that jazz musicians are able to intuitively maneuver the time in a piece of music and to add a ‘swing’.


Delaunay is from Paris and seems to be a manager or producer of some kind, since he runs things in the studio d does not play an instrument. Their problem is that Johnny is still a living man, still capable of defying everything they think, or have written, about him. It is a tension that Johnny uses to torment him, even in this early conversation.

As the writer advances through improvisation, words, faces, beginnings, and ends, start to emerge and take form. Tica is both an enabler for Johnny’s drug addictionsince she is the person who most frequently supplies him with heroin, and a sophisticated and generous friend that often saves him in social situations. She became quite famous, or infamous, after Parker died in her New York luxury apartment from complications petseguidor to drug and alcohol abuse. In this essay, Brent discusses religious symbolism in Cortazar’s “The Pursuer.

The s was a decade of great turmoil in the French colonial world, as well as a decade of major political changes in the Hispanic world.

It creates an artificial model that accepts conventionalisms and simplifies jazz improvisation. Johnny further asserts that he resents Bruno’s imposing of religious connotations on his music, telling him, “If I play and you see angels, that’s not my fault.

persguidor The character of Johnny Carter is modeled after jazz musician Charlie Parker. Johnny pursues a new definition and realm of possibility in art, and he pursues his friends as well; in his struggle to find what he is looking for with his prodigious music, he hunts and exposes his friends’ weaknesses.

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