Gough Econ is the world’s only licensed manufacturer of Elecon bucket convyor, a multi-axis bucket conveyor system that can move product in any direction. BULK MATERIAL HANDLING CONVEYORS & BUCKET ELEVATORS The Elecon is the world’s only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction. A mid-size Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system from Gough Econ has been introduced with a larger capacity bucket design for higher throughput and.

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We can provide complete conveyor systems and system conveyir with weighing stations, packaging machinery and other conevyor of your process. Simple Conveyors to Integrated Systems. Flexco Y-type secondary cleaner for conveyors Flexco’s Y-Type flexible secondary cleaner for conveying systems is suitable for both normal Monday, 20 December, Supplied by: Your goal is to choose a conveying system that can improve your production, cut costs, and meet your industry requirements. Buckets are constructed of polypropylene.

Evaluating the current use of space, we can determine ways to logically streamline your material handling equipment. No matter what material you are transporting, Gough Econ understands that maintenance is absolutely essential to your equipment.


We are dedicated to post-installation support for all of our customers. No matter the industry, Gough Econ develops and designs state-of-the-art equipment systems for production efficiency in everything from salt handling to live ammunition.

Content from other channels on our network New Wiring Rules become mandatory from 1 January Electrical workers fail to use independent earth for polarity testing ‘Women in Electrical Trades Roadmap’ launched Machine learning saves time for tradies ‘Sun in a clnveyor could power a small city. You need a proven solution that delivers quality and precision in any environment. Here is what we can help you determine: Gough Econ has the experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction track record for providing the state-of-the-art systems you need to increase your production efficiency and profitability.

  IEC 60804 PDF

Our journey towards achieving excellence everywhere and retaining our position as ‘most preferred’ continues unabated. We also offer preventative maintenance eledon that help you avoid unscheduled downtime and lost production.

The Elecon system is engineered to match the quantity and capacity of materials you need the conveying system to move in a given time, while easily integrating into and around existing facility parameters. Whether partnering with a food-handling or metal and powder industry leader, Gough Econ is dedicated to the development and timely delivery of systems that move product safely and efficiently.

Bulk Material Handling Expertise Gough Econ has the experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction track record for providing the state-of-the-art systems you need to increase your production efficiency and profitability.

At the end of the day, the success of your manufacturing cycle is dependent upon the systems and solutions you have in place. Gough Econ can provide a system that gently handles your fragile materials without slowing down production timetables.

Our systems are designed for easy maintenance and repairs. Gather information about every aspect of your material including size, density, content, abrasiveness, corrosiveness, flow, weight, etc. With a reputation for innovative, high-quality service and equipment, Gough Econ is the company you can count on and partner with on large scale investments fonveyor complex projects for the best possible solution and outcome.

Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers & Bulk Handling Systems

Make the right choice by partnering with us. Inclusive growth, community service and conservation of environment are fundamental to our ethos.

You also need a system that can easily integrate with existing equipment systems and programmable controls solutions. We believe, and many of our customers agree, that our Elecon bucket conveyor systems can help you meet your business production requirements, generally require no more than the scheduled downtime, and improve your bottom line.


We help you select features that maximize layouts, minimize downtime and achieve optimum throughput.

Elecon with Multi-Axis Capabilities

One of the many advantages to partnering with Gough Econ is the guarantee of working with an engineering and manufacturing company with over 43 years of experience and a global success track record.

Available in various sizes and configurations —from vibratory conveyors to slider bed belt conveyors to custom bucket conveyors— the bulk material handling solutions are endless.

We make a conveyog by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. How to kill pathogens on seafood Open your mind to packaging innovations Brewery finds itself ahead of user requests Flour dust goes to court — and loses How essential is shelf stacking? In addition to the typical vertical and horizontal movement, the Elecon bucket conveyor can make right or left turns. Investing in alternative bucket conveyor methods can seem risky; however, choosing the Elecon for its multi-directional conveying capabilities can radically improve your operations while increasing efficiencies that positively impact your bottom line.

Our wide range of products offer the most innovative, dependable and efficient bulk material handling solutions.

I would also like to receive a quote. Elecon is a company with international standards and world-class capabilities, and today stands as Asia’s largest gear manufacturer and an integrated solution provider for entire value chain in Material Handling Systems.

The key is choosing the right material handling equipment manufacturer with an end-to-end system that meets your needs and requirements.

Last modified: April 30, 2020