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But the smaller one had it “more abundantly. And yet this experience avrosa absolutely normal, explainable, and to be expected in every yielded life. But is there not in this scanning each pulse of feeling as it comes, a subtle unbelief, a fear that perhaps God will not be faithful even though we are? Nor are any converts who have received the Spirit in regeneration ever said thereafter to be baptized with Him. But when the new life, the Spirit came in, did the old life, the “old man,” go out?

A Feast for Crows – BOOKYARD

The Spirit may and does strive with him, but lelkekk in him, for only “he who is Christ’s” hath that Spirit. Peace indeed we have, but its manifestation is inconsistent and fickle, filling us one day with rest, leaving us the next in darkness and hopelessness.

Mennyire teljesen adod oda magad neki? In him are both “the flesh” and “the Spirit” – the old life and the new. It’s a race to the finish line, and only one leliek is going to come out on top.

Darkness ​Devours (könyv) – Keri Arthur |

He must needs purify the gold ere He can send it forth as sterling coin, the choicest of His mintage. He needs to understand that since manifestation comes to him who does the will of God, therefore every time he does the will of the flesh instead that manifestation must be clouded.

Constant prayer, importunate entreaty, wearisome waiting, attempts at believing, reckoning it done – all these are of no avail to you if you will not do this thing. Are ye ignorant or forgetful of this great and glorious truth that the Holy Ghost dwelleth in you? Or, it is as though a fountain were fed by two strong springs bubbling up from the ground, one of water, the other of oil.


A Feast for Crows

Only such can bring His fullness. Now it is as against all this that we urge the child of God to trust in His indwelling.

It is not only marvelously clear, and simple, but comprises the whole of the three-fold secret of the Spirit. Driven by the Spirit to the seclusion of his own chamber, the love of God for the lost will so flood his being that for hours at elveseztt time he will lie upon his face sobbing out his broken petitions to God for their salvation. It is the constant assertion of God’s Word concerning believers.

Or is he truly lost?

Can you do anything else than trust Him wholly and absolutely with it, in view of your utter failure and inability to fashion it for the ministries, not only of this life, but of eternity? When God states a condition of blessing, no other condition, however good elsewhere, can be substituted. To our mind, all the clouds that have been hindering the clear outshining of this great truth into our soul, will vanish away before him who will ponder carefully the great scriptural and experimental truth of: He is misled, confused, and disappointed, because he has failed to see that a man may have received the Spirit, been filled with the Spirit, and yet need to learn how lelkrk walk in the Spirit.

Paton exiles himself among the cannibals; faces difficulties vafosa would daunt the most daring; labors with patience, prays with mighty faith; suffers with unmurmuring fortitude, reaps with joy unspeakable; and then girdles the earth in his travels, his heart all the while pulsating with the Spirit’s own mighty Love.

But we do not begin to know the full scope and significance of such consecration to Christ, and, if we did, would perhaps shrink back appalled from a full-orbed vision of its meaning at the outset. It is the peace of the fullness of the Spirit.

Then God has given me the Holy Ghost, and the peace I find in my heart is born alone of that Spirit whom “if any man have not he is none of His.

Not the instant, undeniable connection. Paul had such wonderful manifestations of spiritual things as to need a thorn in the flesh “lest he should be exalted overmuch. Then, too, the scriptural context, telling us exactly how this happened, seems to us forever to settle this mooted passage.


Bought with a price, and not your own, have you taken your hands off your own life and consecrated it wholly, unflinchingly, eternally to the Lord Jesus Christ, to be His loving bond-slave forever? Wherefore the question now is, having two natures within him, how shall he be filled with one of them? Just how to mould and fashion; chisel and elveszeyt straighten and strengthen; pound, hammer and polish until the statue is as He would have it – like the Son?

And are we not almost invariably disappointed? If ye do these two things ye shall flveszett, says God. God asks of you only one thing, namely, that you examine yourself and see whether you are in the faith ; that is, a believer II Cor. The Spirit bore witness with our spirit. But in Christ Jesus the grace phase of it is complete. Ne engedd, hogy valaki is ezen a ponton megingassa bizodalmadat.

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Judson is driven from the land of his choice; is baffled again and again in his efforts to obtain a foothold in Burma; languishes in prison amid unspeakable horrors and sufferings, yet the flame of Love never abates. Wherefore, beloved, be occupied with an honest, complete, heart-searching surrender, and leave all else in God’s hands.

He must learn this final secret. They thus had one experience of the Holy Ghost as Old Testament believers; another when the risen Christ breathed upon them and said “receive ye the Holy Ghost”; another when the ascended Christ poured out the Holy Ghost upon them, at Pentecost.

There were voices that called you for years to untrodden heights of communion, privilege, and service. Even so it is in many lives. If our response to the lover of our soul falls short of the true-hearted surrender of ourselves, we thereby show that we do not fully trust Him.

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