Enagic HK Co., Ltd. Distributor Handbook. Effective Date: 24th August, This document supersedes all previous editions. (For Hong Kong Territory Asia and. THAT, Enagic products were introduced to me by an Enagic distributor and by . Handbook shall apply and shall be incorporated herein for reference. THAT. Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (the “Company”) is a direct selling company Distributor’s Handbook (the “Handbook”), as amended and published from time.

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Enagic has gotten into trouble with the Japanese government for unethical business practices. Change to Product of Service Prices. Change of Business Name The Company reserves the right to approve or disapprove a distributor s change of business names, formation of partnership, corporations, and trusts for tax, estate planning, and limited liability purposes.

Please utilize this booklet not only when conducting your own business, but as a tool to train your team. Guidelines for Distributor created and maintained websites The following excerpts from Youngevity s Policies and Procedures are compiled. For the purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions. General Information Please note that the office hours are Monday to Saturday 10ampm. In reality the approval was to verify its safety, indeed dental flaws and bandages are also certified as medical devices.

This may take at least 5 years.

This status is called D0. Product Handling and Distributor s Responsibility.

Distributor Handbook

Introduction This web site and the related web sites contained herein collectively, the Site make available information on hotels, resorts, and other transient stay facilities each a Property owned. Although the main filter does remove any chlorine contained in the municipal tap water, chlorine can be re-introduced into the acid water by the oxidation of chloride ions Cl- at the positive anode during electrolysis See: While it is thought that the low pH is responsible for killing pathogens, the compound which actually performs the sanitizing is a form of chlorine called hypochlorous acid HOCl.


Second you can call the company to get any assistance that you may need after handdbook the first options. Missing information will delay Margin processing, please include together: Prohibition of Sales of Kangen Water. If a distributor s downline is a Tokurei, they will not receive any Margin until after the Tokurei has been completed. Hxndbook your distributorship in an ethical manner.

Do not make enaigc health, monetary, or false claims. Excessive calcium buildup on plates can easily cause the platinum coating to de-bond, exposing the titanium substrate.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download – Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

If a spouse is already a distributor, the non-participating spouse may elect You can even call this organization and ask them for details about Enagic and their prevalence in handbook industry. Any person using Company names, logos, trademarks, Etc. When an existing distributor is willing to open the second or third distributorship, this account has to be opened under his existing account.

For the avoidance of doubt, potential distributors shall not be required to provide any form of payment or benefit in order to be sponsored by the distributor. Contrary to what is often claimed, this does NOT certify that the filter removes lead or other heavy metals from the source water to which the unit is connected. Examples of such supervision may include, but are not limited to: You cannot manufacture or sell an ionizer in Korea or Japan unless it is certified as a medical device. Cooling Off Notwithstanding the Company s longer retail customer guarantee policy, all retail sales must comply with the Ten 10 days Cooling-off Rule which requires statutory language and notice of cancellation on the retail sales receipt.


Your application cannot be considered unless all information More information. Thank you for being a valued Enagic distributor. This will be explained in further detail below. Please provide the Tokurei ID number, name of the Tokurei.

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Choose the payment method in payment method section. This Agreement is diatributor as of March More information. We will provide services only if You first accept the terms More information.

By using IRT s software the Softwareyou. Other water ionizer companies add minerals in their filters to boost ORP, but Enagic does not. If Card limit is low please contact your Bank to increase Card Pay limit.

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