materials of the Enphase Microinverter (“Defective Product”) for a period of twenty -five (25) years from the date of original purchase of such Microinverter at point. Both SolarEdge and Enphase offer a strong year warranty for their MLPEs, with a couple of differences across their product lines. Enphase. Enphase Energy launches its third-generation microinverter today. The company hopes this will keep it ahead of its competitors in an.

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Efficient inverter which has given me no problems thus far.

Enphase Energy | 25 Year Micro Inverter Warranty | Sunpro Solar

The installed stopped swapping them out after 2 years, despite their 5 year warranty. Enphase either has to increase their support of these units so that failures are addressed and corrected in a timely and efficient 255 or withdraw them from the market and replace with a more reliable unit. I guess I will contact other installers to find out who they use for monitoring their panels. I roughly estimate that over the 6 yrs of operation I should have produced at a minimummy utility meter shows that my total production enpnase 26, I will be updating this review after I get feed back from ENPHASE.

We can monitor the output of every individual panel at any given time. Review added by Know Type: They recommend that it yer as close to your power panel as possible.

There are local solar companys but it ain’t cheap. Very convenient to see the live production on with the online software.

Are Enphase Energy solar panels the best solar panels to buy? | SolarReviews

These will make ten microinverters we have had to replace. Review added by GreenHome Type: More than installed over the past year and no problems. Review added by qatzmeow Type: Review added by TheNails Type: I installed my own 20kW 6-string Enphase solar system in Appears Enphase has become like so many other “Big” companies. Oh but, he could tell right away that they failed We enphaze had 9 failures in two years. In the meantime, another inverter has failed. See the best Enphase Energy offers available in your city.


Enphase Energy

The software app monitors output from each panel that simplifies future system maintenance if required. Review added by Happy Camper!

This is the device that allows the owner to see system performance on the internet. Enphase, crappy products and even worse customer support. I had some inverters fail and Enphase warrahty updated there monitoring software and so did not get notice that they had failed and lost six months of solar power and money.

Sunpro Solar refuses to offer anything but the best, that means we only use the best. Enphase is losing money and may not survive. Review added by rrc Type: I had a hell of a time getting it to work the first time.

We will see how the system holds up. If you want plug and play, this inverter is the way to go. But then a couple years ago they decided that they would only allow “professional installers” to replace the inverters. We had work done on the roof and needed to disconnect the panels.

I hope they release an update soon! I do think micro-inverters are the way to go. Hope this is not the new norm Now I have another 6 inverters that have gone bad this year and Enphase has told installers that they are no longer reimbursing for labor for inverters older than 2 years! Also, 1 less box hanging on the side of the house.


Another thing I love about Code Green. I can monitor each panel each inverter from my computer and see my production everyday and every month. Tom Norrell, my solar provider and installer, indicated that I would achieve superior performance from my solar panel design.

Customers must go through the installer. I have had four microinverters go bad in the three years that I have had my system. Enphase Energy brings a system-based, high-tech approach to solar energy, leveraging expertise in semiconductor integration, power electronics and networking technologies to continually advance the performance, intelligence and reliability of solar energy systems. If this fails on your roof, you have to pay a installer to change it out.

It allows you to view historical production data by days, months, or hours. Review added by Tracker Guy Type: If you have installed your system on your own or if your installer has gone warrantty of business, Enphase will remain committed and we are ready to support you and your system for years to come. And finally but not lastlythey combine high quality, long lasting products with reasonable prices.

I can see that each panel and inverter is working and how much power is being generated each hour. At this moment I have three that warranth not functioning. Since I have never had 18 panels working. Review added by RAS2 Type: Seven microinverters Failed in Six Years Type: Would make a good boat anchor.

Last modified: January 7, 2020