EP93XX. ARM. ®. 9 Embedded Processor Family. EP93xx. User’s Guide 8×8 Key Mtx. ARMT. Maverick. 18 Bit Raster. LCD I/F. Crunch. Notes on making a proper EABI cross compiler for Maverick Crunch (EP, EP93xx) processors. This is a bit of “higher order hacking” and. It’s already configured to build in /opt/toolchains/ directory. This work is based on patches by Martin Guy and tested both on Cirrus demo board for the EP

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Thermal management guidelines Power consumption benchmarks Power management guidelines. Skip to main content. Operating modes The FPU can operate in several modes, controlled by bits in its status register: Hardware bugs See cirrus. Mainline GCC does not emit cfldr32and use of cfmv64lr is disabled as buggy. Here we only ,averick to work around the bugs in the later series.

MaverickCrunch – Wikipedia

Coprocessor data path instructions include any instruction that does not move data to or from memory or to or from the ARM registers. When the error occurs, the result is either coprocessor register or memory corruption. The result underflows directly to zero. The kit is composed by: Zefeer specific integration guidelines. The MMU unit included in the processor core make this modules ideal to run complex and protected operating systems like Linux 2.

Obviously you need to get the unwind specification in the official ARM EABI documents first before implementing it in GCC, and binutils will also need to support generating correct information given. Presumably, cfstr64 does the same. GCC does not use the accumulator instructions.


The default is signed.

The second consecutive instruction: Views Read Edit View history. Plagued with hardware bugs and poor compiler support, it was seldom used in any of the mavsrick based on those chips and the product line was discontinued on April 1, The following is from the EP rev E2 errata: The rich set of peripherals natively implemented by the microprocessor allow naverick module to drive all kind of buses commonly used in the industrial and PC worlds: Execute an instruction that is a data rp9302 not a move between ARM and coprocessor registers whose destination is one of the general purpose register c0 through c Given that any resulting denormalised numbers will probably be truncated to zero by the math ops in bug 12a, there may be not be much point in doing this.

It was removed by GCC 4.

Summary of bugs CMP: Voice, Record, Control, and Playback. Unfortunately these never worked well enough for it to be usable. The 16 KB instruction cache and 16 KB data cache provide zero-cycle latency to the current program and data, or they can be locked mavedick guarantee no-latency access to critical instructions and data.

The revision of a chip is printed as the 5th and 6th characters of the second line of text on the chip housing.


For example, assume no pipeline interlocks other than the dependencies involving register c0 in the following instruction sequence: When the operand is positive zero, cfnegs and cfnegd write positive zero to the destination register, while ep3902 result should be negative zero. When the coprocessor is not in serialized mode and forwarding is enabled, memory can be corrupted when two types of instructions appear in the instruction stream with a particular relative timing.

It maverickk has four bit multiply-accumulate integer registers which are not used by GCC. Retrieved from ” https: Let the second instruction be an instruction with the same target, but not be executed. GCC does not use: Three developments, described below, mavetick be available with Zefeer CPU boards family: Forwarding channels e;9302 results of arithmetic operations back to the input of the logic unit as well as to the destination registers so that, when the result of one instruction is used in another soon after, execution is faster.


As you can see in Sec 9. A new Pop MV registers instruction needs to be added to the table, along with changes to Sec 7. Audio Clock Generation and Jitter Reduction. The compilers can be downloaded under http: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat Characteristics and naming are summarized in pe9302 document ZefeerEVB. General carrier board design guidelines. Under Linux on the sample board I use, forward is disabled by default.

The EP is a high-performance system-on-chip design that includes a MHz ARM9 processor and is ideal for a range of industrial and consumer electronic applications. The result is that the lower 32 bits of the result stored to memory will be correct, but the upper the 32 bits will be wrong. Futaris’ strategy includes disabling all conditional instructions other than branch and all bit integer operations.

Block Diagram View Full Image. Discussion specific to it usually happens on the linux-cirrus mailing list. A two-port USB 2.

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