HP EVA P Storage is an enterprise class virtual storage array family for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in. EVA Starter Kits include disk drives and Command View EVA unlimited And EVA software is still available. QuickSpecs. HP Enterprise Virtual Array . Link to QuickSpecs The EVA / family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability.

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Protects existing investments and enhances business continuity planning objectives by allowing replication among the EVA family. These documents are located at: You can also output the metrics in tabular data in CSV comma-separated value or TSV tabseparated value format for use with external applications, such as Excel. Performance Advisor software is well integrated with the HP P Command View Software for single pane of glass management and performance monitoring.

EVA allows for increased flexibility and improved capacity utilization by supporting changing the Vraid type with Cross Vraid Snapshot and Snapclone, within the same disk group and Cross Vraid Snapclone across disk groups. Choose the right level of support, deployment and integration services HP support recommendations are designed to help you enhance technology operations and lower risk-and make it easier for you to seek the right balance between affordability and service-level commitments.

With synchronous operations, both the source and destination copies are identical and concurrent at all times.

We do not provide the 1 TB licenses from P series onwards. The result is that a Vsnap is a true space-efficient copy where capacity is not wasted reserving space. Two methods for generation of basic local point-in-time copies through Business Copy EVA include See Replication Solutions Manager quickspecz for information on advanced management: Free HP services software, which delivers phone-home and real-time diagnosis of hardware events, from single errors or faults to multiple quickspcs correlation and complex analysis with comprehensive notification.

Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. The eba6400 are not transferable from one array to another. All P software products offer only frame based licenses; only one license is required to enable software on an array irrespective of capacity on that array. For more information, please contact an HP representative.

Language Production and Conversation. Disk capacity is reserved to accommodate the original size of the source volume.

The P Command View provides a comprehensive software suite that includes everything you need to manage an EVA from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting LUNs, to migrating Vdisks between storage tiers. Services for customers purchasing from HP or an enterprise reseller are quoted using HP order configuration tools.

  ASTM D4268 PDF

Multiple relationships provide greater storage flexibility and utilization. A standard snapshot full allocated is a point-in-time virtual copy of the data, created in seconds and usable immediately, providing maximum flexibility for user applications. First, disk purchasing no longer needs to be based on guesstimates of data growth for individual applications; thin provisioned Vdisks will utilize disk space not presently used by other applications and provide it to high-growth applications.

Single path configurations are supported. In addition, higher utilization results in less power and cooling requirements by reducing the need for unnecessary disk drives. P Fva6400 View Software also provides secure storage LUNs against unauthorized access so business data assets are safe. The Wva6400 software licenses are not transferable from one array to another.

Quickly provision online storage and instantly replicate data Supports both enhanced asynchronous replication and synchronous replication. A dedicated management server is required for Storage Essentials software 2.

It also has the ability to generate qukckspecs reports with multiple charting options, which can help troubleshoot performance issues. This new tool dramatically simplifies managing replication and results in significantly better resource utilization. With the combination of the Business Copy’s unique MirrorClone, Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies and an unparalleled easy to use replication manager interface, businesses now can achieve new IT efficiencies.

User defined scripts can be created using this tool qiickspecs manage replication at the array level. Browser Version Firefox Internet Explorer 3. This dramatically improves capacity utilization by allowing the administrator to simply specify a capacity utilization range of the Vdisk.

This saves valuable capacity and reduces workload by automatically using space as needed. With the combination of HP Continuous Access’ unique remote replication technologies and the unparalleled easy to use RSM interface, enterprises can ensure their information is protected in the event of a disaster.

Only HP brings together deep expertise, proactive and business critical support and a strong partner network-plus, a full set of infrastructure services designed to power a Converged Infrastructure.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

RSM is included in each Command View media kit. It provides support for Fibre channel or iSCSI connectivity that provides choice based on your business needs which maximizes your existing infrastructure investment. Vsnap is similar to the standard snapshot fully allocated except that it does not reserve the same amount of disk capacity as the production volume being copied.


Cross Vraid Snapshot and Snapclones: Depending on your individual support needs, choose from three levels of care that cover the entire lifecycle to better address your needs-Optimized Care, Standard Care, and Basic Care. The software resides in memory and does not require to be installed on the host SmartStart Software being a single user, single threaded has both the client and the server on the same host.

In addition, HP Replication Solutions manager provides a scripting interface for additional flexibility. No server reboot Disks on the Server on both the primary and secondary sites are recognized during the initial system boot in a CLX EVA environment; therefore LUN presentation and LUN mapping changes are not necessary during failover or failback – for a truly hand-free disaster tolerant solution.


Best practice suggest Protect your business beyond warranty Warranty protects against manufacturer defects, however warranty uplifts, such as HP Care Pack Services protect the business-by reducing downtime risks and providing operational consistency for missioncritical and standard business computing.

HP P Business Copy software integration provides better efficiencies by combining the management and array technologies to create local copies. Server-based management is applicable to all P EVA models. Administrators can now use the audit quuckspecs capability to see who did what and when.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

The P SmartStart Software then assists you in the first provisioning of your new storage. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Business Management QuickSpecs advertisement.

A license is not required for the Quorum server assuming that the CLX Resource is not installed on the Quorum server and cluster nodes that do not have the CLX resource installed. Because a smaller number of efficiently used storage devices can service a comparatively large number of client processes, data centers have lower power and cooling requirements, can reduce floor space, and have a reduced carbon footprint, all contributing to “greener” storage operations. HP Cluster Extension Software Overview What’s New Models HP Cluster Extension Software offers protection against application downtime from fault, failure, or site disaster by extending a local cluster between data centers over metropolitan distance.

HP has not fully tested this type of Command View installation and thus there is potential for unpredictable performance or other unknown issues to occur on the StoreEasy product.

Last modified: February 17, 2020