For Evochron Mercenary on the PC, FAQ/Strategy Guide by guile_ To optimise the size of the guide I have amalgamated and edited some of the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also. I do not claim ownership of most of info in this guide – it has been gleaned from the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also.

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They arrived somewhere in Pearl and the next beacon, placed near Research Alpha, requires the player to have at least 15 units of platinum in their cargo bay. Buy the station, ownership means protection. For the sake of this guide, I’ve started a new pilot profile in Singleplayer mode.

The ‘fair’ wage value they expect to be guiide is based on several criteria including their skill, loyalty, and your wealth. History of the Evoverse and Jump Drive Technology – there are a couple of inconsistencies in mercenwry official history timeline.

This is a good location to start on some basic combat contracts that will help you build your skills. Don’t be too concerned about not destroying all of the missiles, a hit from a few of them won’t generally do much damage.

Don’t be afraid to use your afterburner and maneuvering thrusters frequently to help keep your speed high and obtain good attack positions. Capital ships generally have strong defenses to their sides.


With Vice permission, I am allowed to give you some answers. Sirius Sirius is a distant system with a good economy similar to Rigel’s. It feels good, but you still can’t quite buy everything you want whenever you want. See the reputations section above for more details.

Steam Community :: Guide :: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Money Quickly

The class 4 Fulcrum jump drive is capable of jumps up to about four sector boxes away. If you leave before you achieve an overall reputation shift, then you’ve pretty much abandoned the reputation you were working toward and your reputation can fall a bit. They’ll see how much more money they are offering, then when you submit your request, they may decide to reject it. Two shield booster cells provide roughly double the storage capacity. This automatically shoots them down before they can.

Rapid Atmosphere Descents for Cover Need to make a quick descent? The beacon will activate if it detects an Excalibur missile pack installed on the player’s ship. If one hostile ship is in range, they can report your location to other hostile ships in the area, resulting in others joining in to attack you. Your ship often creates a constant heat signature when you are flying in planet atmospheres because your ship has to use its engine’s constantly to maintain flight.

I absolutely love it!

The Avenger is the primary strike and intercept spacecraft of the Alliance Navy. You can always save and reload until one shows up.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

It takes some practice to recognize which channels are large enough to pass through and which ones risk crushing your ship. So plan your trade routes carefully and make sure to include travel costs in your profit calculations. It usually takes a skilled group of pilots to defeat one of these ships. Lambda Lambda is a lightly populated system, but was once the home of the Federation Military Command Center.


Left click on an inventory spot with metal to throw it out to leave more room for diamonds and platinum. Locating and Returning Items Early in the game, few options can earn you credits as quickly as locating and returning items. Here is an overview of each crew member trade and the benefit s they offer:.

A technology economy will usually pay very little for electronic equipment, since they create most of what they need themselves, but will pay high prices for materials needed to produce them, including diamonds and platinum.

Combat is hard without certain expensive equipment in Evochron Mercenary so you are better off doing noncombat missions until you can upgrade. This can’t be modified. The Striker frame is a unique compact design that uses blended metallic composites for very effective armor protection merxenary advanced technology to keep its overall size small compared to other frames.

Last modified: February 15, 2020