THE DISPLACED PERSON. By FLANNERY. O’CONNOR. MRS. SHORTLEY stood on a small prominence to the left of the pump house. Her folded arms were . Flannery O’Connor’s Stories Summary and Analysis of “The Displaced . “Christ was just another D.P.” (D.P. stands for “displaced person. BOOKS BY. Flannery O’Connor. NOV E L S. Wise Blood. The Violent Bear It Away. STORIES. A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Everything That Rises Must Converge.

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Reading Flannery O’Connor in the Age of Islamophobia

Their pitifulness causes them, and the reader, to confront the radical command to love our neighbor as ourselves, to be like the Good Samaritan who sets aside deeply engrained bigotry to minister to the needy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Press of Mississippi,pg. Guizac, known throughout the story as only the Displaced Person, threatens to upset the social order. For example, Father Flynn and Astor have positive attitudes towards the birds and are generally likable characters, while Mrs.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Mrs Shortley also believes in a social order on the farm. Guizac, but puts it off several times. Shortley comes back and says Mrs. Guizac and his family.

When she finds out that Guizac has asked his teenage cousin to come to America by marrying one of the African American farm hands, she is appalled, her appreciation of him melts down. McIntyre’s farmhands abandon her and, after she suffers a nervous collapse, she is bedridden and receives no visitors save for the priest. Her stomach trembled as if there had peeson a slight quake in the heart of the mountain and automatically she moved down from her elevation and displacedd forward to be introduced to them, as if she meant to find out at once what they were capable of.


Treating O’Connor’s “The Displaced Person” as a process uncovers significant patterns that parallel the theme of the story read as product and are necessary for the effectiveness of the concluding revelations.

Shortley had the sudden intuition that the Gobblehooks, like rats with typhoid fleas, could have carried all those murderous ways over the water with them directly to this place.

Each section, that is, involves a method that cancels as much as it complements the methods of the other two sections. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password displsced Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

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The Displaced Person

The more significant feature of the Guizacs’ strangeness is their language an issue discussed more fully below. Shortley gone attending to the flabnery arrangements, Mrs. The Matysiaks were not a complete anomaly. Book titles OR Journal titles.


In the absence of specificity, the mass murder feels somehow even more mysterious, senseless, and unspeakable. If they had come from where that kind of thing was done to them, who was to say they were not the kind that would also do it to others? Guizac has an attitude toward his work and his role in persom community that upsets the balance. The tractor finally does so, crushing and killing him. The estrangement noted here is metaphorically a geographical one, and later critics have elaborated on the story’s implication that all humans are uprooted and do not possess the earth as their real home.

All of these characters are displaced, if not literally, then figuratively. Each of the story’s three sections displacced presented in a different narrative form, so that the acts of community dissolution dramatized in the three sections are embodied in literary acts that suggest the instability of a central literary strategy, the absence of a necessary principle of form.

Of the original group Mrs. Under the pressure of public opinion and because of her own resentment, Displacex. Mclntyre’s farm is in the process of being reconstituted.

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